Part 2

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  1. Four Goals of Criminal Law
    • 1. Deterrence
    • 2. Incapacitation
    • 3. Rehabilitation (cure)
    • 4. Retribution
  2. Deterrence
    • Specific- punishment- imprisonment
    • General
  3. Incapacitation
    Going to jail
  4. Rehabilitation (cure)
    • Domestic violence
    • Narcotics
    • Alcohol
    • AR (accelerated rehab)
  5. Retribution
    Don’t commit crimes again s
  6. Where do we get laws?
    Statues (2 or 3 books), common law (cases)
  7. Why can states make different rules?
    If not decided by fed gov, states get police power
  8. Police power
    power granted to states for the health of their citizens
  9. Mens Rea
    intent- determines severity in any case
  10. Actus Reus
  11. 4 levels of intent
    • Purpose
    • Knowledge
    • Recklessness
    • Negligence
  12. Purpose
    4 levels of intent, do exactly what you intended to do (want to hit head and hit head)
  13. Knowledge
    4 levels of intent, acted knowing that the result was extremely likely to occur (want to kill, want to shoot in head but hit chest)
  14. Recklessness
    4 levels of intent, conscious risk creation (didn’t intend to do it but when drive too fast cant prevent anything bad that is going to happen)- conscious decision you are made didn’t think anything bad was going to happen (know you think it is pretty likely something will happen and do it anyways)
  15. Negligence
    4 levels of intent, unconscious risk creation- weren’t consciously aware of the risk you were creating but you should have- rarely considered criminal – sometimes homicide (usually civil)
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