Part 7

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  1. Adversarial system
    • both sides want to win and both sides do their best to win (justice system)
    • making it a fair trial
  2. Why is judicial system not fair?
    • Government has better resources than normal person
    • Criminals have lots of rights bc government (have strong preferably rights)
  3. Bill of Rights
    What fed gov, state gov, and no gov can do
  4. Amendments 1-10
    • Protect individual rights
    • Freedom of press, speech (protect from bad government)
  5. Judge
    assures that both sides get a fair trial; chooses punishment
  6. Due Process
    • Usually used
    • Protect Civil liberties (focus on individual rights) -> lim gov
    • Bill of rights
    • Instead of looking at everyone’s info just look at potential criminals’ info
    • Not intended to be efficient- want to get it right
    • • Make it difficult to enforce law and get you locked up
    • o Jury has to make decision
    •  Prevent bias
    •  Represent the community
    • o Legal and factual guilty
  7. Legal guilt and Factual guilt for conviction
    Not only proved crime and but also the gov played by the rules in order to convict you
  8. Crime Control
    • Used by fed law
    • Primary goal to catch and convict criminals
    • The end justifies the means
    • Efficiently
    • Stalk everyone
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