Biology 1

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  1. Define: Fatty Acid, Triacylglycerol, Triglycerides, glycerol, phospholipid, steroid,
    • Fatty acid: building block for most lipids, long carbon chain ending with carboxylic
    • Tryiacylglycerol: aka triglycerides - built of glycerol attached to 3 fatty acids by thier carboxylic groups (fxn to store energy, insulate, and pad)
    • Glycerol: 3 carbon backbone
    • Phospholipid: glycerol backbone with a phosphate group in place of a fatty acid
    • Steroid: four ringed hydrophobic molecule.
  2. number of essential amino acids in humans
  3. disulfide bonds occur between which amino acids
    cysteine because of terminal -SH froup
  4. define: carbohydrate, glucose (alpha vs beta), glycogen, starch, cellulose
    • Carbohydrate: made from water and carbon with empirical formula C(H2O). 5-6 C are most common
    • Glucose: 6 carbon carb and is most common in cellular absorbtion. ALpha= hydroxyl on C1 (anomeric C) and methoxy (on C6) are on opposite sides of ring.  Beta= hydroxyl and methoxy are same.  Humans use Alpha, Bacteria use B
    • Glycogen: polysaccharide composed of glucose for energy storage consisting of branched glucose polymer with alpha linkage. typically in muscle and liver
    • Starch: form of glucose storage in plants, alpha linkage
    • Cellulose: form of glucose storage in plants with beta linkage
  5. Define: acetyl CoA and products of formation
    product of pyruvate formed once pyruvate enters the mitochondrial matrix.  NADH and CO2 are products of its formation
  6. What are the reactants and products of the Krebs (and other name) cylce?
    • reactants = Glucose --> 2x pyruvate
    • product = [1 ATP, 3 NADH, 1FADH2, (CO2)2]/turn
    • citric acid cycle
  7. Glycolysis and Aerobic respiration produce __ amount of ATP.
    1 NADH makes __ ATP, 1 FADH2 makes __
    __ amount of NADH, ATP, and FADH2 are made in each turn of krebs cycle
  8. Main reactants, products, and location of glycolysis
    • Reactants= Glucose 1ATP
    • Product = [NADH, 2ATP, Pyruvate]/glucose
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