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  1. In the case of Griggs v duke power, what did the supreme court rule abou the IQ tst?
    the iq test was not valid for the purpose of classifying workers
  2. Not only must there be evidence tha a test has a menaning in general but there must be..
    evidence that it has validity for the particular stiauaion to which it is being applied
  3. Psychologists alwasy begin with the assumption that there is no ________ to believe that a measure is valid
  4. Where does the evidence for validity comes from?
    the association between the results of a test and other variables
  5. Define validity
    it can be defined as the agreement between a test score or measure and the quality it is belived to measure
  6. what are 3 primary types of evidence?
    -construct-related validity

    -criterion-related validity

    -content-related validity
  7. aspects of validity- what is face validity?
    the test appears to measure what it says its measuring
  8. Is face validity really validity?
  9. What can face validity do?
    it can help motivate test takers bc thet can see that the items are relevant to the skill or quality that is thought to be measured
  10. What type of testing is the content-related evidence especially important for?
    educational testing
  11. content-related criterion- What should the questions on the exam measure?
    the content of the material we covered in class
  12. content-related criterion- Is content-related evidence logical or statistical?
  13. content-related criterion- what is contruct underrepresentation?
    not all important aspects f the contruct are sampled

    ex) SAT only had algebra and not geometry
  14. content-related criterion- what is contruct-irrelevant variance?
    scores are influenced by factors irrelevant to the contruct

    ex) anxiety or reading problems
  15. what does criterion-related evidence for validity tells us?
    how well a test corresponds with a particular criterion

    *correlation between a test and a well defined criterion measure
  16. criterion validity- What is a predictive validity?
    using a test to forecast something

    *SAT is the predictor variable and college GPA is criterion
  17. criterion validity- WHat is concurrent validity?
    when one measure is used to estimate another event taking place at the same time

    *simultaneous relationship between the test and the criterion
  18. What is the strong interest inventory?
    compares peoples interests with those of individuals who are in a variaety of occupations and are happy in them
  19. What is a validity coefficient?
    is a correlation expressing a relationship between a test and a criterion
  20. In practice validity coefficicents are rarely higher than...
  21. What is considered high for a validity coefficient?
    .3 to .4
  22. Which coefficient needs to be higher reliability or validity?
  23. When is a low validity coefficient useful?
    when there are no other reliable predictors available
  24. Hamilton and Beck- What is the hamilton?
    • is a rating of a patient by a professional
    • *nurse or doctor
  25. Hamilton and Beck- What is Beck?
    is a self reporting scale of depression
  26. Which of the 2 SAT tests was well associated with college grades?
  27. evaluating validity coefficients- Look for changes in the cause of relationships
    the logic of criterion validation presumes that the conditions in effect when the test was validated will still be in effect when the new results are applied
  28. evaluating validity coefficients- What does the criterion mean?
    the criterion itself must be reliable and valid
  29. evaluating validity coefficients- Review the subject population in the validity study
    the population on which the test was validated may not be the same as the population on which it will be used on.

    ex)if the test was developed on white people, it may not be the same for hispanics
  30. evaluating validity coefficients- Be sure the sample size was adequate
    if a validity coefficient was based on a very small sample the results can be quite misleading
  31. evaluating validity coefficients- Never confuse the criterion with the predictor
    ex) a student was admitted even though he did not meet the standard GRE score. He was not allowed to graduate till he met the standard GRE score
  32. evaluating validity coefficients- Check for restricted range on both the criterion and the predictor
    ex) the person doesnt get in to ivy league law school unless your scores are really high. this creates a restricted range
  33. evaluating validity coefficients- review evidence for validity generalization
    ex) can findings obtained in one situation actually be generalized to other situations?
  34. evaluating validity coefficients- Consider differential prediction
    predictive relationships may not be the same for all groups

    ex)when a test is used to measure indifcudals who do are not native englsih speakers, the validity of the test may be much different
  35. criterion validity- the criterion itself must be..
    the most accurate measure of the phenomenon being observed
  36. What is construct validity evidence?
    a researcher simultaneously defines some construct and then develops instrumentation to measure it
  37. What were the 3 factors Rubin found about love?


  38. construct validity evidence- Convergent evidence for validity
    when a measure correlates well with other things thought to be measures of a certain construct

    ex) if we developed a health index then people who score low on it shold have more physical symptoms than those taht score high on it
  39. construct validity evidence-what is discriminant evidnce?
    your test should not correlate with measures of unrelated constructs

    ex) if your measure correlates too highly with other measures of your construct, why doe it have any purpose at all? why not just use one?
  40. difference between criterion and population referenced tests- what is a criterion referenced test?
    is a test that wants to predict to a particular criterion.

    Ex) achieving a higher score than 600 on GRE, predicting if a student with a certian score will do better than 75 percent of classmates
  41. difference between criterion and population referenced tests- What is a poplation (norm) referenced tests?
    is a test where you look at where this score falls in the population being measured
  42. relationship between reliability and validity- if the reliability of a criterion is low, then the validity will be
    near zero
  43. relationship between reliability and validity-  validity are not expected to be ..
    very high bc so many other factors can affect a variable between the test and the actual event
  44. All validity is ultimately...
    contruct validity
  45. Is it possible to demonstrate  that an unrelaible test is valid?
    no, its impossible
  46. relationship between reliability and validity-  A test should not correlate more hihgly with any other variable than
    it correlates with itself
  47. what is the maximum validity coefficient between 2 variables equal to?
    • square root of the product of the reliability of the test and the reliability of the criterion
    •  ex) IQ scores and school grades
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