Pharm ch 8

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  1. any disease triggered by external factors and not directly caused by a person's genes (eg. infectious disease, non-congenital cardiovascular disease)
    acquired disease
  2. any disorder caused directly by a genetic mechanism
    genetic disease
  3. the presence of certain factors in a person's genetic makeup, or genome that increase the individual's likelihood of eventually developing one or more diseases.
    genetic predisposition
  4. the study of the structure and function of the genome, including DNA sequencing, mapping, and expression, and the way genes and their products work in both health and disease.
  5. genetic disease that results from defective alleles passed from parents to offspring.
    inherited disease
  6. a general term for the study of the genetic basis for variations in the body's response to drugs, with a focus on variations related to a single gene.
  7. a branch of pharmacogenetics that involves the survey of the entire genome to detect multigenic determinations of drug response
  8. variants that occur in the chromosomes of 1% or more of the general population
    genetic polymorphisms
  9. new therapeutic technologies that directly target human genes in the treatment or prevention of illness
    gene therapy
  10. the use of molecular and genetic characteristics of both the disease process and the patient for the customization of drug therapy
    personalized medicine
  11. the characteristics and qualities that are genetically passed from one generation to the next through reproduction
  12. the detailed study of the proteome, including all biologic actions of proteins
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