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  1. Triglycerides are made up of
    glycerol with three fatty acids attached
  2. Saturated fatty acid
    • fully bound with hydrogen
    • usually of animal origin except tropical oils
  3. two types of unsaturated fatty acid
    • monounsaturated: has one open spot for hydrogen
    • polyunsaturated: two or more open spots
  4. Sources of monounsaturated fats
    • olive oil
    • peanuts and peanut oil
    • canola oil
    • almonds, pecans, avacodos
  5. sources of polyunsaturated fats
    vegetable oils, saflower corn cottonseed soybean
  6. Essential fatty acid is essential because
    • absence will create a deficiency disease
    • body can not manufacture it
  7. two known essential fatty acids and sources
    • linoleic from polyunsaturated vegetable oils
    • linolenic from milk soybeans flaxseed oil
  8. lipoproteins structure and function
    • combination fat and protein
    • wrap insouable fat in water soluable protein for transport in blood
  9. LDL Low density lipoproteins
    carry fat and cholesterol to cells
  10. HDL High density lipoproteins
    carry free cholesterol from body tissue to liver for breakdown
  11. Cholesterol main sources
    • egg yolks
    • organ meats
  12. Three main functions of fats
    • energy
    • essential nutrients
    • flavor and satisfaction
  13. Hydrogenated Fats are
    • polyunsaturated fats that have had hydrogen pushed in
    • hardened relative to polyunsaturateds
  14. Trans fats
    molecular shape alter due to hydrogenation process
  15. Invisible fat sources
    • cheese
    • cream
    • egg yolk
    • nuts and seeds
    • olives
    • avocados
    • lean meat
  16. Fat digestions occurs in
    • the small intenstine
    • emulsified by bile
    • broken down by pancreatic lipase
    • absorbed into lyphatic system
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