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  1. Political efficacy
    The ability to influence government And Politics.
  2. The First step to increasing Political efficacy
    is is belief that you Can be effective is the first step needed to influence government
  3. After September 11th Terrorist attack
    A numbered studies report a Substantial increase in popular trust in government
  4. In order to be a good Citizen it most Critical to Posses
    Political Knowledge
  5. Citizenship
    informed and Active membership in a Political Community
  6. Thomas Jefferson
    The best governmentwas the one that governs less
  7. autocracy
    • A form of government in Which a single individual.
    • (king, Queen, or dictator rules) ,
  8. Oligarchy
    a form Of government in which a small group, landowners military offficers, or wealthy merchants Control most of the governing decisions.
  9. democracy
    A System of rule that Permits Citizens to Play a significant in the governmental process usually through the election of Key public officers
  10. constitutional government
    a system of rule, Which formal And effective limits are Placed on the powers of the Government
  11. Authoritarian Government
    government recognizes no formal limits but nevertheless be restrained by the power of other social institutions
  12. Totalitarian Government
    Individuals who claim that government should have unlimited political power
  13. Bourgeois
    • 1.limits on government power.
    • 2.promote political participation for the middle classes
  14. Benefit of the Constitutional government
    Personal Freedom
  15. Major Changes in western government that led to the establish of Constitutional government
  16. John Locke
    argued that government need the consent of the people
  17. John Stuart Mill
    presented a ringing defense of individual freedom in his famous treatise on liberty. his work influenced Americans evolving ideas about the relationship between the government and the individual .
  18. why did the Progressives Support women's suffrage in the early twentieth Century
  19. goal of politics
  20. Having some Share or say in the Composition of a government's leadership, how it organized, or it's policies
  21. Politics
  22. Which of the following is an instrument of direct democracy
  23. a representative democracy is a system that governs
  24. Is the most important Concept for the theory Pluralism
  25. which of the following Statements about the changes in American Society between 1900 and 2010
  26. United states census most accurate
  27. Hou did the United States Constitution Create a system that under represents urban areas
  28. Three Core Valuesin American Politics
  29. The Bill of rights
  30. Laissez-faire
    • 1. capitalism has been limited by public opinion, which opposes capitalism
    • 2. who gets what, when they get it, and how
  31. political rights are a Protection against
  32. In American political Cuture economic freedom means
  33. Separate but equal doctrine was introduced in what supreme Court
  34. Debates over the wisdom Of president Bush's decision to monitor domestic phone traffic in Search Of Communication among terrorist groups without a Court warrant illustrate
  35. principle of our democracy?
    • majority rule
    • minority rights
    • equality of opportunity
  36. Americans.
    are less supportive of income redistribution than Europeans.
  37. In a democracy, sovereignty is vested in
    the people
  38. Who most strongly believes that government should promote equality and provide social services?
  39. political equality
    A principle that states each citizen has one and only one vote
  40. direct democracy
    all members of the polity meet to discuss policy and make decisions
  41. In an indirect democracy, public policies are determined by
  42. In a democracy, sovereignty is vested inTopic:
    the people.
  43. Many of the conflicts in American politics today revolve around
    the proper scope of government
  44. Which of the following is not part of the U.S. political culture?
    Belief in equality of results
  45. The gambling industry in your state wants to change the state constitution to allow gambling. It organizes a campaign through voter signatures and puts its proposal directly on the ballot. This is called a
    ballot referendum
  46. According to the ancient Greeks, a citizen was
    anyone who was knowledgeable of and actively participated in government
  47. The majority of Americans believe that “government is run by a few big interests” and that government officials “don’t care what people think.” The term used to describe this would be
    low efficacy.
  48. Realistically, the United States did not become a full practicing democracy until
  49. liberty
    personal and economic freedom
  50. core political values are
    liberty, equality, and democracy
  51. pluralism
    the theory that all interests are and should be free to compete for influence in the government; the outcome of this competition is compromise and moderation
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