liver--Bloc two histology

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  1. glisson capsule (liver)
    • liver lobule
    • (look for the central vein first(small empty space in middle with not connective tissue), then look for portal triads with connective tissue encasing the lobule.
  2. hepatocyte (the spindly looking cells are kupffer cells)
    • central vein(liver)
    • remember!! no CT
  3. kupffer cells=phago black ink
  4. portal triad. left to right=portal vein/artery/bile duct
  5. space of disse (b/t hepatocyte(right) and sinusoid(left)
    • sinusoid (liver)
    • note the fenestrations=allows quick transfer
  6. bile canaluculi between hepatocytes. note the tight junctions
  7. hepatocytes with glycogen. more dense red=more glycogen, less=less

  8. Identify the three layers of this tissue
    gallbladder. from left to right

    • Mucosa
    • -simple columnar epithelium (continuous with most of bile duct)
    • -lamina propria

    • Muscularis Externe
    • -layers of mixed smooth muscle

    • Serosa(visceral peritoneum)
    • -this is the "free edge of the gallbladder.
    • -if pressed against the stomach=thicker and now called "adventitia"

  9. identify the two cell types. left and right
    • Pancreas/exocrine
    • left=secretory acini=secrete the exocrine stuff
    • right=centroaciner acini=first part of pancreatic duct
    • intercalated duct (pancreas/exocrine)
    • =the first duct of the pancreatic duct
    • intralobular duct (pancreas/exocrine)
    • =second part of pancreatic duct (slightly larger than intercalated)
    • interlobular duct (pancreas/exocrine)
    • =third part of pancreatic duct= has larger connective tissue that interlobular
    • islets of langerhans (pancreas) 
    • =houses endocrine

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liver--Bloc two histology
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