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  1. (degree?) rewarded by a vocational-technical school or community college after completion of a prescribed two-year course of study
  2. (degree?) awarded by a college or university after a prescribed course of study that usually lasts for four or more years
  3. (degree?) awarded by a college or university after completion of one or more years of work beyond a bachelor's degree
  4. (degree?) awarded by college or uni after a completion of 2 or more years of work beyond a bachelor's or master's
  5. treatment of diseases of the pulp, nerves, blood vessels, and roots of the teeth(called root canal treatment)
  6. alignment or straightening of the teeth
  7. surgery on the teeth, mouth, and jaw
    Oral surgery
  8. dental treatment of children and adolescents
  9. treatment and prevention of diseases of the gums, bone, and structures supporting the teeth
  10. replacement of natural teeth with artificial teeth or dentures
  11. doctors who examine teeth and mouth tissues to diagnose adn treat disease and abnormalties disease prevention
  12. Anesthesiologist
    Administration of medicines to cause loss of sensation of feeling during surgery
  13. Cardiologist
    Diseases of the heart and blood vessels
  14. Dermatologist
    diseases of the skin
  15. Emergency Physician
    acute illness or injury
  16. Endocrinologist
    diseases of the endocrine glands
  17. Family Physician/Practice
    Promote Wellness, treat illness or injuries for all age groups
  18. Gastroenterologist
    diseases and disorders of stomach and intestine
  19. Gerontologist
    diseases of elderly
  20. Gynecologist
    diseases of female reproductive organs
  21. Internist
    diseases of the internal organs (heart,lungs,intestines,kidneys,glands)
  22. Neurologist
    disorders in the brain and nervous system
  23. Obstetrician
    Pregnancy and childbirth
  24. Oncologist
    diagnose and treatment of tumors(cancer)
  25. Opthalmologist
    diseases and disorders of the eye
  26. Orthopedist
    diseases and disorders of muscles and bones
  27. Otolaryngologist
    Disease of the ear, nose, and throat
  28. Pathologist
    Diagnose disease by studying changes in organs, tissues, and cells
  29. Pediatrician
    Diseases and disorders of children
  30. Psychiatrist
    Physical medicine and rehabilitation
  31. Plastic surgeon
    corrective surgery to repair injured or malformed body parts
  32. Proctologist
    Diseases of the lower part of the large intestine
  33. Radiologist
    use x-rays and radiation to diagnose and treat disease
  34. Sports medicine
    prevention and treatment of injuries sustained in athletic events
  35. Surgeon
    surgery to correct deformities or treat injuries or disease
  36. Thoracic Surgeon
    surgery of the lungs, heart, or chest cavity
  37. Urologist
    Diseases of the kidney, bladder, or urinary system
  38. Registered Nurses(RNs)
    under directions of physicians and provide total care to patient; gives medicine,teaches health care, assesses patient's needs (Nurse Pratcitioner(CRNP), nurse midwives(CNM), nurse educator, and nurse anesthetist
  39. Pharmacy technicians
    under pharmacists,help prepare medications to dispense among patients, label med, order supplies
  40. Physical therapists(PTs)
    provide treatment to improve mobility and preventing permanant disability of patients
  41. Massage therapists
    massage, bodywork, helping muscles and skeletal systems,relief of chronic conditions
  42. Recreational Therapists(RTs)
    therapeutic receation specialist; use recreational and leisure activites as forms of treatment to minimize patients' symptoms and improve physical, emotional, and mental well-being
  43. Respiratory Therapist(RT)
    under physician's order; treat patients w/ heat and lung diseases..use oxygen,gases, and othe meds
  44. Audiologists
    caring for patients with hearing impairments
  45. Art, music, and dance therapists
    use the arts to help patients deal with social,physical, or emotional probs
  46. Athletic trainer(AT)
    prevent and treat athletic injuries and provide rehab services to athletes
  47. Dialysis Technicians
    operate the kidney hemodialysis machines used to treat patients with limited or no kidney function
  48. Perfusionists
    (extracorporeal circulation technologist) members of open-heart surgery and operate heart-lung machines used in coronary bypass surgery
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