Geography Europe Test

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  1. What is deindustrialization? When did it begin in Europe?
    1950 the most important mass production industries, both primary and secondary went into severe irreversible decline
  2. What was European employment in steel manufacturing in 1980? what was it in 2002
    • 800,000
    • 280,000
  3. When did industrialization in Europe happen?
    After the fall of communism
  4. Older industries have been replaced by what? Specializing in? This change is known as?
    • New manufacturing industries
    • high-quality and luxury goods, requiring skilled labor and sophisticated technology
    • Industrial Rejuvenation
  5. What is a technopole?
    areas of concentrated high tech maufacturing, computer-based info services and research development activities geographically concentrated
  6. Where is the M-4 corridor located? Where is Scientific City? Are they located where severe deindustrialization has taken place?
    • M4 curls around western/northern edges of London, Scotland's Silicon Glen
    • Scientific City: southwestward Paris
  7. Do the new manufacturing industries employ as many people as the older ones? What problem does that create?
    • No, they hire fewer people
    • a lot of people are unemployed
  8. Luxury goods in Europe today:
    Major luxury goods manufacturing district in Spain? In Italy?
    • ceramics, pottery, decorative glass, fine clothing, jewelry, leather, shoes wood products
    • Barcelona
    • Po Valley
  9. Has Eastern Europe developed technopoles or districts manufacturing luxury goods?
  10. Job losses in the primary and secondary sectors in all parts of Europe have been offset by what?
    Large gains in the service sector
  11. Which country has the most nuclear powerplants in Europe? What percentage of its electricity comes from power plants?
    Name the other three European countries that produce more than half of their electricity from nuclear powerplants?
    • France
    • 77%
    • Belgium, Slovakia, Lithuania
  12. Two most powerful financial centers in Europe?
    London and Paris
  13. Tourism
    Rapid growth in what year?
    What three countries received largest amount of tourists each year?
    How many did Italy receive?
    • 1950
    • Italy, France, Spain
    • 38 million in 2007
  14. Why did 2 million people come to the Vatican in April of 2005?
    bid farewell to Pope John Paul the 2nd
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