Muscles Lab Quiz 1

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  1. Epicranius Frontalis
    • raises the eyebrow, wrinkles the forehead
    • (forehead region)
  2. Epicranius Occipitus
    • Tenses and retracts scalp
    • (posterior occipital region)
  3. Orbicularis Oculi
    • closes eye
    • (around the eye)
  4. Zygomaticus
    • retracts and elevates corner of the mouth
    • (diagonal muscles that make you smile)
  5. Orbicularis oris
    • compresses lips
    • (around the mouth use to kiss)
  6. Buccinator
    • compresses cheeks
    • (extends from ears to mouth to whistle)
  7. Masseter
    • elevates mandible
    • (superior masseter comes down the cheek)
  8. Temporalis
    • elevates mandible
    • (deep within the temporal area)
  9. Digastric
    • depresses mandible
    • (throat region)
  10. Platysma
    • depresses mandible and tenses skin of neck
    • (superior muscle located in the lower chin region down neck)
  11. Sterncleidomastoid
    • flex the neck and bends the head up and the face to opposite side
    • (muscles deep within the neck that extends from the ear down the neck)
  12. External Intercostals
    • elevates ribs for inspiration
    • v points down
    • (muscles that extend from the ribs going up)
  13. Internal Intercostals
    • depresses the ribs for expiration
    • ^ points up
    • (muscles deep within ribs that come down)
  14. Pectoralis Major
    • flexion of arm, raises chest for forced inspiration
    • also adduction and medial rotation of arm
    • (superior chest muscle)
  15. Pectoralis Minor
    • glenoid cavity moves inferior
    • slump shoulders forward
    • (inferior muscle that come up and attach to the clavicle)
  16. Serratus Anterior
    • moves scapula toward chest wall
    • attached to anterior scapula
    • (superior muscle right under arm)

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