wuthering heights vocabulary

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  1. Admonition
    (n):  a firm reprimand
  2. Adroit
    clever and skillful
  3. Alacrity
    brisk eagerness or enthusiasm
  4. Amiable
    [:  friendly and pleasant
  5. Antipathy
  6. Apparition
    a remarkable thing that suddenly appears, especially a ghost
  7. Appellation
    a name or title
  8. Approbation
    approval; praise
  9. Ardent
    very enthusiastic or passionate
  10. Arid (adj):
    • very dry due to little or no rain; dull and
    • boring
  11. Arid (adj):
    • ):  very dry due to little or no
    • rain; dull and boring
  12. Askance
    with a suspicious or disapproving look
  13. Assiduous
    showing great care and thoroughness
  14. Audacity
    bold and daring actions or behavior
  15. Austere
    • severe or strict in appearance or manner; without
    • comfort or luxuries
  16. Avarice
    extreme greed for wealth or material things
  17. Calamity
    • (n):  a sudden event causing great damage or
    • distress
  18. Capricious
    • (adj): 
    • prone to sudden unpredictable changes of mood or behavior
  19. Compunction
    • (n):  a feeling of guilt about doing something
    • wrong
  20. Consternation
    ((n):  anxiety or dismay
  21. Countenance
    (n):  a person’s face or facial expressions
  22. Dilatory
    • (adj): 
    • slow to act; intended to cause delay
  23. Dissipation
    • (n):  a lifestyle that is characterized by
    • over-indulgence
  24. Emulate
    (v):  to try to do as well as or be better than
  25. Enigma
    (n):  a mysterious or puzzling person or thing
  26. Epistle
    (n):  a letter (written document)
  27. Extricate
    • (v):  to free from a difficult or restrictive
    • situation or place
  28. Heterodox
    • (adj):  not
    • in accordance with established or accepted doctrines or opinions,

    •                   especially in theology;
    • unorthodox.
  29. Homily
    (n):  a talk on a religious subject or moral issue
  30. Imperious
    • (adj):  expecting to be obeyed without question;
    • domineering
  31. Impertinence
    (n):  not showing proper respect; rude; irrelevant
  32. Impudent
    • (adj): 
    • bold and shameless inappropriate behavior
  33. Incredulous
    (adj):  unwilling or unable to believe something
  34. Indignant
    (adj):  feeling or showing offence or annoyance
  35. Injudicious
    • (adj): 
    • showing poor judgment; unwise
  36. Insipid
    • (adj): 
    • lacking liveliness or interest; lacking flavor
  37. Insolent
    • (adj): 
    • showing rude or arrogant lack of respect
  38. Intractable
    • (adj): 
    • hard to control or deal with; stubborn
  39. Inveterate
    • (adj): 
    • having a particular habit, activity, or interest that is

    • long-established and unlikely to change
  40. Lachrymose
    • (adj): 
    • tearful
  41. Laconic
    • (adj): 
    • using very few words, referring to a person’s speech or type of writing
  42. Lamentable
    • (adj): 
    • deplorably bad circumstances or conditions
  43. Lethargy
    (n):  a lack of energy or enthusiasm
  44. Malady
    (n):  a disease or ailment
  45. Malevolent
    • (adj): 
    • having or showing a wish to do evil to others
  46. Malign
    • (v):  to write or to say unpleasant things about
    • someone
  47. Misanthrope
    (n):  a person who dislikes and avoids other people
  48. Miscreant
    • (n):  a person who behaves badly or in a way that
    • breaks the law
  49. Monomania
    • (n):  an
    • obsession with one thing
  50. Morose
    • (adj): 
    • sullen and bad-tempered
  51. Obstinate
    • (adj): 
    • stubbornly refusing to change your mind; hard to deal with
  52. Obviate
    (v):  to remove or prevent a need or difficulty
  53. Paroxysm
    • (n):  a sudden attack or violent expression of a
    • particular emotion or activity
  54. Petulant
    • (adj): 
    • childishly sulky or bad-tempered
  55. Phlegmatic
    • (adj): 
    • calm and reasonable, and tending not to get upset
  56. Propitiate
    to win or to regain someone’s favor
  57. Prudently
    • (adj):  acting with or showing care and thought for
    • the future
  58. Quiescence
    • (n):  in a state or period of inactivity or
    • dormancy
  59. Querulous
    • (adj): 
    • complaining in an irritating way
  60. Recompense
    • (v):  to compensate someone for loss or harm
    • suffered; pay or

    •                             reward someone for
    • effort or work
  61. Reprobate
    • (n) :  an unprincipled person (can be a negative
    • term or humorous and

  62. Sagacious
    • (n): 
    • having good judgment; wise; shrewd
  63. Sallow
    • (adj):  an unhealthy yellow or pale color in
    • someone’s face or complexion
  64. Sanguine
    • (adj): 
    • cheerfully optimistic
  65. Saturnine
    • (adj): 
    • serious and gloomy; dark and serious
  66. Slovenly
    • (adj): 
    • untidy and dirty; careless
  67. Solace
    (n):  comfort in a time of difficulty or sadness
  68. Stipend
    • (n):  a fixed, regular sum paid as a salary or
    • allowance
  69. Stoic
    • (n):  a person who can endure pain or hardship
    • without showing feelings or

  70. Tacit
    • (adj): 
    • reserved or uncommunicative in speech; saying little
  71. Tempest
    (n):  a violent and windy storm
  72. Trepidation
    • (n):  a feeling of fear or nervousness about
    • something that may happen
  73. Undulating
    • (v):  to move with a smooth, wave-like motion; have
    • a wavy form or outline
  74. Vapid
    • (adj): 
    • offering nothing that is stimulating or challenging
  75. Vehement
    • (adj): 
    • showing strong feeling
  76. Vexation
    (n):  annoyed or worried
  77. Vigilant
    • (ad):  keeping careful watch for possible danger or
    • difficulties
  78. Vindictive
    • (adj): 
    • having a strong or spiteful desire for revenge
  79. Vivacious
    • (adj): 
    • attractively lively
  80. Vocation
    (n):  a person’s career or occupation
  81. Zealous
    • (adj): 
    • having or showing great energy or enthusiasm for a cause or aim

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