Ecology chapter 2

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  1. Population
    • the number of a certain organism at a certain place at a certain time
    • e.g. the current population of Canada is about 35 million people.
  2. Exponential growth
    • the growth of a population at exponential speeds
    • e.g. humans
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  3. limiting factors
    • factors that limit exponential growth
    • e.g. competition, lack of resources
  4. carrying capacity
    the highest population of a certain species an ecosystem can hold indefinitely
  5. ecological niche
    • the specific movements and interactions of a species within an ecosystem
    • includes food, home, predators, tendencies
  6. predator
    • an organism that eats another organism
    • e.g. lynx, lion, wolf
  7. prey
    • the organism eaten by a predator
    • e.g. rabbit, gazelle, moose
  8. mutualism
    • a symbiotic relationship where everyone wins
    • e.g. people and dogs (protection for food)
  9. parasite
    • an organism that survives through another organism's troubles
    • e.g. most worms
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  10. competition
    • two organisms competing for one resource
    • e.g. foxes and wolves both eat rabbits
  11. sustainable use
    • the use of an ecosystem's resources in a way that will let them last forever
    • humans need to do more of this
  12. doubling time
    • the time it takes for a population to double
    • e.g. human doubling time as of yet is 60 years
  13. ecological footprint
    • the ecological impact you have on the biosphere
    • humans need smaller ones
  14. unsustainable
    • not sustainale
    • refers to improper use of ecosystem's resources
  15. sustainability
    • a measure of how sustainable an action is
    • the greater the better
    • humans have to work towards this
  16. ecosystem services
    • the rewards experienced by an organism through an ecosystem
    • e.g. clean air and water
  17. desertification
    • the changing of non-desert lands into deserts
    • mostly people's fault
  18. ecotourism
    • the industry of taking vacations in the wild
    • positive and negative effects include dumping and added money to preservation
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