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  1. Hello world
    Hello World
  2. What are the three different types of task dependencies in product development?
    Sequential: Tasks are dependent on only the previous tasks.

    Parallel: tasks are dependent on the previous task, but are independent of eachother

    Coupled: Tasks are dependent on the previous task, and are mutually dependent on eachother. Each task requires the result of the other tasks in order to be completed.
  3. What does the design structure matrix look like?
    Tasks are listed in a diagonal, and check marks are placed beside the tasks which each task depends on. See exhibit 18-3
  4. The critical path of a project is
    The longest sequence of tasks whose combined durations define the minimum possible completion time for the project.
  5. The Gantt chart is the most traditional tool for representing a project plan. The PERT chart is not as common, but has one distinct advantage; what is the advantage?
    It shows both the task dependencies and task timing.
  6. Ch5:
    The steps of identifying customer needs include:
    • Gather raw data from customers
    • Interpret raw data in terms of company needs
    • Organize the needs into a heirarchy
    • establish the relative importance of the needs
    • reflect on the results and and the process
  7. CH 5:
    Lead users are a good source of customer needs because:
    They are a good source of customer needs because they experience new needs months or years ahead of most tadurkens

    they stand to benefit significantly from new product innovations

    They can generally articulate their needs better than general users.
  8. Ch5:
    when writing need statements:
    Be as specific as possible

    Describe attributes of the product

    Avoid terms like should and must
  9. CH 2:

    "Phase zero" of the generic product development procedure involves:
  10. Ch2:

    The concept development process is:
  11. A market pull development process is based on:
    Needs in the market that are satisfied by available technologies
  12. As an experienced design engineer, with expertise an a great interest in high-strength aluminum, what type of organization structure would you prefer
  13. What organizational structure did tyco select
  14. The four different types of intellectual properties listed in the textbook are
    Trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets
  15. These patents are for ornamental design:

    These patents are for engineered goods:
    Design patents

    Utility patents
  16. Patents can be awarded for a new process, machine, article of manufacture, composition of matter, or an improvement of one of these. Three requirements are put on these patenets
    useful, nonobvious, novel
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