Gender Inequality

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  1. sex vs gender
    • sex biological 
    • gender socially constructed patterning of masculinity and feminity
  2. gender socialization 
    • establish gender roles
    • clothes and toys
    • language (sweetie vs sport)
  3. gender socialization
    interaction amongst peers that enforce and reinforce how one should behave as a boy or girl

    gender policing - femininity is negative!
  4. gender socialization
    gender bias - favoritism towards one gender

    • teacher and behavior and expectations
    • (guys better at science girls better at english)

    boys will be boys
  5. gender socialization 
    In most films women are not leading roles and not many female directors
  6. Doing Gender - West and zimmerman
    the ongoing process through which people create gender for themselves and others by acting and appearing the way we "should"

    gender is mandatory social construction
  7. feminism
    • stigma of feminism 
    • black feminist
  8. institutionalized sexism
    the power that men have to engage in sex discrimination at the organization and institutional level of society
  9. patriarchy
    the hierarchical system of social organization in which cultural, political, and economic structures are controlled by (and value) men
  10. misogyny
    hatred of men
  11. economic inequality
    • wage cap ($.77 - $1)
    • pink collar occupations
    • glass ceiling and glass elavator/escalator
    • second shift (housework and childcare that women are responsible for after they come home)
    • sexual harassment
  12. violence against women
    • 85% commited against women IPV
    • rape culture
  13. Fuctionalism
    Talcott Parsons sex role theory - roles based on biology expressed vs instrumental work (nurturing vs goal oriented) 

    Gender roles could contribute to inequality but are all functional, no specific gender problems.
  14. Symbolic Interaction
    • linguistic sexism (dude vs chick)
    • change gender role meaning
    • change socialization process that devalue women
    • change media portrayal of men and women and roles
    • liberal feminism
  15. Conflict Theory
    capitalists in the work place, patriarchy everywhere else

    • hegemonic masculinity
    • radical feminism
  16. conflict theory solutions
    • legislation and government intervention 
    • Equal Rights amendment (constantly introduced and passed but not ratified)
    • lilly ledbetter fair pay act 
    • increased prosecution of rape and IPV
  17. IPV
    intimate partner violence
  18. Masculinity and Gender inequality
    the negative impact of gender inequality on the majority
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