Treatment Planning Ch 7(Bentel)

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  1. The term gross tumor volume(GTV), as defined by ICRU, means
    The gross palpable or visible/demonstrable tumor extent and location of malignant growth
  2. The term clinical target volume (CTV, as defined by the ICRU, means
    A tissue volume that contains a demonstrable GTV and/ or sub clinical microscopic disease, which has to be eliminated
  3. The field size when using an SSD technique and a photon beam is defined
    at the rotational axis of the machine
  4. The angle of beam divergence is _______ farther from the central axis.
  5. When parallel opposed fields are used and the isocenter is at mid depth in the chest, the length of the spinal cord is longer on the ______ field than the _____ field.
    longer on the anterior than the posterior
  6. When parallel opposed fields are used at cent isocenter at middepth in the chest, the anterior port film should appear ------
    Exactly as the anterior sim film with respect to anatomy
  7. The size of the magnification device is important because a _____ device is more likely to cause errors in the magnification factor.
  8. A circular mag device, which is 5 cm in diameter is placed on the anterior surface of the patient where the SSD is 100 cm. The sim film is at 135 cm from the target(TFD). The mag factor is -
  9. A 3D coordinate system is used in radiation therapy to describe a point on the patient in respect to a known point( the origin).A point describes as +2cm on the y-axis would be
    2cm cephalad to the origin
  10. The gantry rotates around a horizontal axis that is ____ to the normal couch position.
  11. The three planes in a patient are across the body, along a lateral view, and along the body in an anterior view.Respectively, they are referred to as
    Axial, saggital and coronal
  12. When a patient is realigned with the laser alignment system,
    • It is necessary to a
    • align 2 points separated by some distance
  13. A treatment planning CT scan is different from a diagnostic CT because
    In a treatment planning CT scan, the patient must be in treatment position on a flat surface
  14. The contour of a patient taken for calculations the isodose distribution
    Must be accurate because it has an effect on the dose
  15. The anterior and posterior skin surfaces seen on a lateral radiograph of a patients pelvis
    Does NOT represent the patients akin surface in the midline
  16. When the location of a contrast filled bladder is transposed from a set of orthogonal radiographs(anterior and lateral) to a transverse contour of the pelvis
    • The anterior film yields info in the R/L, in/out
    • lateral- up/ down, in/out
  17. Discrepancies in patient/beam alignment between first port film and sim film may be due to
    Differences in lasers, couch tops, and clothing under patient
  18. Uncertainties in delivering RT can be totally avoided by
    No special means since there is no methodby which   all uncertainties can be avoided
  19. When the treatment fields are designed by the Radiation  Oncologist, margins are always added around the tumor because of
    Uncertainties in tumor extent, penumbra, and patient movement
  20. When a 0.5 cm margin is added on all sides of a 15x15 cm field, the ADDED area is
    • 31cm2
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