week 5 terms

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  1. Assessment
    The first phase of the nursing process, involves data collection, organization and validation. the purpose is to establish a database about the client's response to health concerns or illness to determine the client's nursing needs. 
  2. Dependent
    Are those actions that requires an order from a physician or another health care professional.
  3. independent
    are nursing action initiated by the nurse that do not require direction or an order from another health care professional
  4. interdependent
    are those action that are implemented in a collaborative manner by the nurse with other health care professional  
  5. adaptation
    adjustment to living with other living thinking and environment conditions
  6. anxiety
    vague sense of impending doom or apprehension precipitated by new and unknown experiences.
  7. Burnout
    behaviors exhibited as the result or prolonged occupational stress
  8. coping mechanisms
    patterns of behaviors used to neutralized, deny or counteract anxiety
  9. crisis
    occurs then coping and defense mechanisms are no longer effective, resulting in high levels of anxiety, disorganized behavior, and the inability to function normally
  10. defense mechanisms
    forms of self-deception; unconscious process the self uses to protect itself from anxiety or threats to self-esteem
  11. fight or flight response
    the body prepares itself against threat, to either resist (fight) or evade (flight) the danger
  12. General Adaptation Syndrome
    biochemical model of stress describing the body's general response to stress
  13. Local Adaptation Syndrome
    localized response of the body to stress, precipitated by trauma or pathology
  14. Psychosomatic Disorder
    physiological alterations and illness believed to be due to psychological influences
  15. Nursing diagnosis
    A statement describing a combination of signs or symptoms indicative of an actual or potential health problems that nurses are able, licensed, and accountable to treat 
  16. Nursing process
    a five step systematic method for organizing and delivering nursing care
  17. objective
    (signs) data are observe and measureable that are obtained through both standards assessments techniques (during PE) and diagnostic tests.   
  18. subjective
    (symptoms) Data are from the clients point of view and include: feelings perceptions and concerns. pain is a symptom
  19. stress
    condition in which the human system responds to change in it normal balanced state
  20. stressor
    anything causing a person to experience stress; change in the balanced state
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