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  1. Communicating with target markets through mobile devices like smartphones or Ipad.tablet-like devices.
    Mobile Marketing
  2. The company or organization that pays for
    Client or Sponsor
  3. refers to specific message than an organization has created to persuade an audience.
  4. a series of coordinated advertisements that communicate a reasonably cohesive and integrated theme about a brand.
    Advertising campaign
  5. a group of individuals who receive and interpret messages sent from companies or organizations.
  6. a clearly defined group of people against which IBP efforts are directed, typically defined using demographics, needs, life-style singled out by an organization for an advertising or
    A target audience
  7. A trade magazine, or trade rag, also called a professional magazine, is a magazine published with the intention of target marketing to a specific industry or type of trade.
    rade journal for professor
  8. Under special circumstances, national companies will share advertising expense in a market with local dealers to achieve specific advertising objectives. This sharing of advertising expenses between national companies and local merchants is called
    cooperative advertising
  9. the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objective.
  10. the role of advertising in the marketing mix is to focus on communicating to a target audience the value( brand’s deature, emotional connection: security and belonging) a brand has to offer.
  11. Acceptance by the retailer is the key to the success of the new product( Brand extension)
  12. 5 Way advertising affects brand development and management
    • 1. Information adn persuation
    • 2. Introduce the new product
    • 3.Building and maintain brand loyalty among consumers( remind them the value)
    • 4. Creating image and Meaning for a brand( Schiff Vitamin )
    • 5. Building and Maintainng Brand Loyalty within the Trade( Brand extension)
  13. Top 5 Most valueable brand in 2009
    • Coca,cola
    • IBM
    • Microsoft
    • GE
    • NOKIA
  14. The process of breaking down a large, widely varied market into submarket, or segments, that are more similar in terms of consumer characteristics that consumers look for.
  15. Advertising role in segmentation it to develop messages that appeal to the wants and desires of different and then transmit those message through media. 
  16. The process of creating a perceived diff in the mind of the consumer, between an organization's brand and the competition’s.
  17. Differentiation is the most critical of all marketing strategies.
  18. the process of designing a brand so that it can occupy a distinct and valued place in the target consumer’s mind relative to other brands and then this distinctiveness is communicated through adv.
  19. The niche the band will pursue relative to all competitive brands on the Market. (BMW VS Honda)
    External Position
  20. Achieved with regard to the other similar brands the firm itself markets (Distinctive flavor of ice cream
    Internal position
  21. The fundamental purples of marketing (and the advertising that is used in marketing) to generate revenue
    Limitations of Ads=" Notice that adv contributes to the process of creating sales and revenue)
  22. to point out a brand's unique benefits compared to the competition. 
    Selective demand stimulation
  23. Attempts to create brand awareness, reinforce the benefits of using a brand( brand loyalty)
    Delayed response advertising
  24. Not promote a specific brand but is meant to create a favorable attitude toward a company as whole.( APPLE BP GE)
    Corporate Brand Advertising
  25. Communicates the specific features, values, and benefits of a particular brand offered for sale by a particular organization
    Brand Advertising
  26. When corporate advertising takes place in a trade channel
    Institutional advertising
  27. A perception by consumers that a brand provides satisfaction beyond the cost incurred to obtain that brand
  28. refers to what a product or service means to consumers in a non literal way.
    Symbolic Value
  29. refers to what a product or service means in a societal context.
    Social Meaning
  30. All the purpose of communication is about brand promotion.
  31. An advertising industry in constant transition. 
    Bu the fundamental is same=persuade communicate with target audience
  32. allow the sharing of information between 个人and groups, as the most significant form of consumer control over information creation and communication.
    Social media= the most significant form of customer control over information creation and communication.
  33. Important trend affect advertising and IBP
    • 1.Consumer Control
    • 2. Media Proliferation
    • 3. Media Clutter and Gragmentation
    • 4. Crowdsourcing
    • 5. Mobile Marketing
  34. Media proliferation has lead to media clutter which make the advertising less efficient. As result advertiser have to use more IBP tool.
  35. The online distribution of certain tasks to
    groups (crowds) of experts, enthusiasts, or even consumers.
  36. Mobile marketing expect to grow $1.2 billion by 2013  2 rd
  37. Direct Marketing spent $34.4 billion, 
    Digital marketing spent $25.6 billion, 
    Event marketing spent $21.25 billion, 
    Point-of-purchase spent $20.79 billion.
    IBP tools in 2009
  38. Structure of advertising and IBP agency
    • Advertisers
    • Advertising and Promotion Agencies
    • External Facilitators
    • Media Organizations
    • Target Audience(s)
  39.  business, not-for-proft, and government organizations that use advertising and other promotional techniques to communicate with target market and to stimulate awareness and demand for their brands.
  40. a general description for all organizations in the marketing channel of distribution that buy products to resell to customers.( Walmart, The Gap,McDonald)
    Trade reseller
  41. an organization of professionals who provide creative and business services to clients in planning, preparing , and placing advertisements,and other types of integrated brand promotions(IBP)
    Advertising Agencies
  42. referred to as the advertising department in a firm and takes responsibility for the planning and preparation of advertising materials
    In house Agencies( Advertising)
  43. These agencies help advertisers prepare communications for new media such as  internet and mobil marketing.
    Digital/interactive agencies
  44. organization that specialize in buying media time and space and offer media strategy Consulting to advertising agencies and advertisers
    Media Specialists
  45. ensure that customers receive the product ordered through direct mail. 
    Fulfillment Center
  46. These specialists design and the operate contests, sweepstakes(彩票), special display, or coupon campaigns for advertisers.
    Sale Promotion Agencies
  47. Designers help firm to create LOGO
    Design Firms
  48. manage an organization's relationships with media, the local community, competitors, industry associations, and government organizations.
    • Public Relations Firms
    • tool:
    • press releases
    • features stories
    • lobbying
    • spokespersons
    • company newsletters
  49. Two reason that most advertisers of not like to handle PR by themselves
    • Public relations require highly specialized skills and talent not normally found within the company ranks
    • Managers are too close to public relations problems and may not be capable of handling a situation, particularly a negative situation,with measured public responses.
  50. 1 five to 60 minute information program that promotes a brand and offers direct purchase to viewers.
  51. entail identifying the benefits a brand offers, its target audiences, and the best competitive positioning, and then developing a complete plan,
    Account Services
  52. is assigned to clients to ensure that research
    input is included at each of development of campaign materials
    Account planner
  53. group in an agency comes up with the concepts that express the value of a company's brand in interesting and memorable ways.
    The creative Service
  54. Media planner and buyers examine an enormous number of options to put together an effective media plan within the client's budget
    Media planning and Buying Services
  55. Commissions System. based on the amount of money the advertiser spends on media.

  56. Add
    a percentage to a variety of services the agency purchases from outside
    Markup cost
  57. A fixed fee, or contract, set for a project between the client and the agency
    Fee Systems
  58. Base the agency's fee on the achievement of agreed-on results. 
    Pay-for-result( incentive -based compensation0)
  59. international ad agency auditing firm that as an intermediary between advertisers and agencies.
  60. The 20 largest advertisers in the United States in 2008
    • Procter and Gamble Co
    • Verizon Communication
    • At&T
    • General Motor Corp.
    • Johnson%Johnson
  61. The Four agency compensation
    • 1. Commissions
    • 2. Markup Charges
    • 3. Fee Systems
    • 4. Pay-for-result
  62. Four Fundamental influences on evolution of adv
    • The rise of capitalism
    • The industrial Revolution
    • Branding
    • The rise of modern mass media
  63. an economic force that yielded the needed for adverting
    The industrial revolution
  64. Mass media are supported by advertising, Television networks, radio stations ….. no t for the ultimate goal of entertaining or informing, but to make a healthy profit from selling brands through advertising and branded entertainment. 
  65. “co-create” brand messages and brands in a meaningful way.
    Consumer-generated content
  66. another form of e-advertising and promotion in which companies selling to business customers( rather than to household consumers) rely on the internet to send messages and close sales. 
    E Business
  67. Procter& Gamble=relationship building site( Beinggirl=a teen community site
    Consumers come to the advertisers looking for things, rather than the advertiser merely shouting at millions hoping something sticks here and there. 
  68. the blending of advertising and integrated brand promotion with entertainment, primarily film, music, and television programming.
    Brand Entertainment
  69. Two advantages of brand entertainment
    Not running into the consumer's well-trained resistance mechanisms to add

    Not having to go through all the ad regulations. 
  70. Lady Gaga's Telephone
        JHM think this 9 mins music video was a hybrid(mix) of branded entertainment and product placement.
  71. The Manufacuture begin branding their products in the late 1800
  72. Constituent group
    • customers
    • stockholders
    • supplies
    • employees
    • government
    • citizen action groups
    • the general public
  73. Malcolm Gladwell the author of " The topping Point" point that " maven"(内行)  and "connectors" (  who share brand stories with their network are relevant) are critically important in fostering social epidemic. ( They share brand to their close friend and family like that)
  74. pR = managing goodwill+ put your brand into conversation
  75. largest source of content for online, about the brand is TV. approximately 30 percent of all online buzz about brands is provoked by advertising. and the number one stimulator is TV ad.( E.g. the Old Spice Man) 
    any form of advertising is working best when it stimulate conversation( social media)
  76. six primary objectives of public relations
    • Promoting goodwill
    • Promoting a product or service
    • Preparing internal communications
    • Counteracting negative publicity
    • Lobbying
    • Giving advice and counsel
  77. Six Tools of PR
    • Press release
    • feature Stories
    • Company Newletters
    • Interview and press Conferences( Apple)
    • Sponsored Events
    • Publicity
  78. essentially" free" media exposure about firm's activities or brands. 
    • Publicity(宣传)
    • Julia Robert
  79. guided by marketing objectives.  try to publicize a company and its brand
    Proactive relations strategy
  80. which identifies the characteristics of a firm or the aspect of the firm's activities that are positive and newsworthy.
    public relations audit
  81. After the company get all the information from the audit, they star to make plan.
    identifies the objectives and activities related to the public relations communications issued by a firm.
    public relations plan
  82. Public relations is about manage the information in an integrated way to diverse audience.

    Public relations people try to deal with different cusotmers.
  83. Basic Public relations Strategies
    • Proactive relations strategy( Positive image)
    • Reactive public strategy( damage)
  84. Public relations devoted to monitoring and managing how people view us, then it can also be though of as a discipline devoted to monitoring and managing what consumers are saying to other about us.
    The discipline of the PR
  85. give 'em something to talk about
    Bonnie Raitt
    This underline the evolution of an important new communication discipline of influencer Marketing
  86. Giver the influencer something to talk about
    PR activities of monitoring & managing what consumers are saying online to one another
    Influencer marketing
  87. Think of influencer marketing as systematic seeding of conversations involving a consumer, an influencer, and a brand.
  88. Two types of influencer programs
    • 1. Professional influencer Programs
    • 2. Peer-to-peer Program
  89. creating an event or experience that yields conversations that include the brand.
    Buzz marketing
  90. the process of consumers marketing to consumers via the WEB( e.g., blogs and youtube link) or through personal contact stimulated by a form marketing a brand
    Viral marketing
  91. The idea behind both buzz and viral marketing strategies is to target a handful of carefully chosen trendsetters to connectors as your influencers ,and let them spread the word.
  92. Five Tools for stimulating favorable word-of-mouth brand buzz
    • Talkers: connectors
    • Topics:something to talk about
    • Tools:use tools to promote viral conversation
    • Taking part: treat promotion more like a conversation, and less like a push of information( Be part of conversation)
    • tracking: On the blog. ( People talk about the brand)
  93. Cultivating(培养) Connectors
  94. provide services to clients fro tracking word-of mouth activity across the Internet.
  95. A great guiding principle for peer-topeer program is "        " to get people talking about your brand
    DO Something remarkable
  96. The idea behind both buzz and viral marketing strategies is to
    • target a handful of carefully chosen trendsetters to connectors as your influencers ,and let them spread the word.
    • Connector=influencers--> spread the word
  97. 600,000 that P&G has enrolled for its influencer program
    P&G program( connector database)
  98. Three tyoes of corporate advertising
    • Corporate image advertising (Bristol-Myers Squibb)
    • Advocacy Advertising( Burt Bees)
    • Cause-Related Advertising(Anheuser-Busch)
  99. attempts to establish an organization 's position on important social or political issues. Advocacy advertising attempts to influence public opinion on issue of concern to a firm. 
    Advocacy Advertising
  100. features a firm's affiliation(友好的关系) with an important social or societal cause-example are reducing poverty, increasing literacy, conserving energy, protecting the environment, and curbing drug abuse -and takes place as part of the cause-related marketing efforts undertaken(担保 by a firm. 
    Cause-Related Advertising
  101. Green Marketing refers to corporate effort that embrace a cause or a program in support of the environment.
    Green Marketing
  102. Advertising Educate customers
    • Pro: Advertising informs
    • Con:Advertising is Superficial and intrusive
  103. Brand placement and paid bloggers who write about brand but don't reveal their affiliation with companies
     Commerce-content crossover
  104. Why commerce-content crossover is an issue growing concern
    Because allows advertisers to become too pervasive(普遍的)
  105. why should advertisers be concerned about clutter and intrusiveness
    Because Clutter and intrusiveness reduce the effectiveness of advertising
  106. ADvertising improves the standard of living
    • Pro: The economic effects of advertising lower the cost of products
    • Con:ADvertising wastes resources and raise the Standard of living only for some
  107. Advertising Affects Happiness and General Well-Being
    • Con: Advertising create needs
    • Pro:Advertising address a Wide variety of Basic Human Needs
    • Con:Advertising Promotes Materialism
    • Pro: Advertising only reflect Society's priorities
  108. Stephen Fox QUOTE
    ( materialism in American started way before advertising)
  109. Advertising Demean and Deceitful, Or Liberating and Artful
    Con:Advertising Perpetuate Stereoptypes
  110. Con: Advertising Affects Programming
    Advertising have an unhealthy effect on shaping the content of information contained in the media. 
    Consolidation of ownership of media and the growing size of retailers/marketers in crease the importance of Con issue.
  111. making false or misleading statements in an advertisement. 
  112. The use of absolute superlatives such as "Number one" or " Best in the World"  and is considered completely legal.
    Puffery( 夸大其辞)
  113. Advertising to Children 
    advertising promotes superficiality and creates values founded in material goods and consumption
    ADvertising create conflict between children and their parent( Children demand too many toys and snack
    Contribution to Obesity
    Television Programm actually being commercial; Children's Food and Beverage advertising Initiative( promote healthier eating alternative)
    • 1. Material
    • 2. Conflict between parent
    • 3. TV programm include many ads
  114. It is not whether ads is more influential than parents, cultural trends and peers. Adv does influence adults and children plus it can influence primary demand. ( Debeer's success in Japan and California Milk)
  115. Areas of Advertising Regulation
    • Deception and unfairness in Advertising
    • Competitive issues
    • Advertising o children
  116. Regulatory Agents
    • The FTC is most active.  It is government regulatory agency. control unfair competition and advertising process
    • FCC: prohibit fraud on radio and television. broadcast
    • SEC: regulate the advertising of securities and the disclosure of information in annual reports.
    • ATF:regulatory of advertising for alcoholic beverage
    • CFPA: consumer financial product( credit card, mortgage), disclosure for financial products are clearly presented to consumers.
    • Social
  117. Those whose livelihood of advertising are just as interested as consumers and legislator in maintaining high standards, If advertising is perceived by consumers as an unethical and untrustworthy business. the economic vitality of many organizations will be compromised. Self -regulation can help prevent such a circumstance and is in the best interest of all the organizations discussed here. (?)
  118. The action of individual consumers to groups of consumers designed to exert power in the marketplace, is by no means a recent phenomenon.( Consumer movement) Consumers want greater voice in the process of product, distribution, and information dissemination.
  119. the process of database development made possible by online tracking markers that advertisers place on a Web surfer's hard drive to track that person's online behavior. 
    Behavior Targeting
  120. A particularly insidious version of spam. ( They want consumers to enter their personal information into a fake website which look like bank or other organization that will get Email users' attention
  121. (100 Billion spam messages are sent every 24 hours worldwide and that about 86 percent of all email traffic is spam. )
  122. Regulatory in Public Relations
    • Appropriation
    • Copyright infringerment
    • Defamation
  123. the use of pictures or images owned by someone else without permission
  124. WHen a communication occurs that damages the reputation of an individual because the information in the communication was untrue. 
  125. The PR's job is to protect their clients from slanderous or libelous reports about a company's activities. 
    PR experts need to defend a client accused of making defamatory remarks, too.
  126. all things related to how humans operate as consumers.. 
    Consumer Behavior
  127. Many consumption episodes can be conceived as a sequence of four basic stages. 
    • Need recognition
    • Information search and alternative evaluation
    • Purchase
    • Postpurchase use and evaluation
  128. arises when one's desired state of affairs differs from one's actual state of affairs.
    Need State
  129. Convenience, reliability, nutrition, durability, and energy efficiency
    Functional Benefit
  130. Which typically found in some tangible feature to objective characteristic of a product.  Pride, relieve far, and pleasure
    Emotional benefit
  131. The consumer's first option for information is to draw on personal experience and prior knowledge
    Internal search
  132. the set of the bands the consumer will consider for purchase.
    Consideration SET
  133. Evaluation to the product
    External search
  134. The star point of advertising campaign
    Understanding consumers' evaluative
  135. Research shows that about 65% of the average company's business comes from its president, satisfied customers, and that 91% of dissatisfied customers will never buy again from the company that disappointed them.
  136. the anxiety to regret that lingers after a difficult decision, sometimes called"buyer's remorse
    Cognitive dissonance
  137. ADvertising role in dealing cognitive dissonance
    Advertising provide the infornation and advice about produc t that will increase customer satisfaction
  138. OG suggest you go for reassurance about your brand of auto in a chat group to brand community. 
  139. the degree of perceived relevance and personal importance accompanying the choice of a certain product or service within a particular context:how much it matters to you.
    • Extended problem Solving( home, diamend)
    • Limited Proplem Solveing( trying a brand or two may be the most efficient way of collecting in formation)
    • Habit variety seeking(consumerrepurchases from the category over and over again)
    • Brand Loyalty
  140. an overall evaluation of any object, person, or issue that varies along a continuum, such as favorable to unfavorable or positive to negative.
  141. Summary evaluation of brand
    brand attitudes
  142. represent the knowledge and feeling s a person has accumulated about an object or issue.
  143. perceptual Defense
    • 1. Cognitive Consistency
    • 2. Selective attention
  144. the perceived credibility of the source, message presentation quality, the source's attractiveness or a catchy slogan
    Pefipheral Cues
  145. 3 egs=LeAnn Rimes, Mr. Peanut, and the Geico Gecko
     Use peripheral cues on advertising camping.
  146. Meaning become more important than attitude
    • Psychological=information;
    • Social culture=meaning( how to connect)
  147. If you are in the Adv business you are in the culture business
  148. what a people do, to" the total life ways of a people, the social legacy the individual acquires from his(her) group. 
  149. Value can Not change easily. Attitude can be change easily but ADV
  150. Culture and people participate in ritual. Therefore Rituals are core element of culture.
  151. (Divide of social class)refer to systematic inequalities in thing such as wealth, income, education, power, and status.
  152. consumer aesthetic preferences.
  153. often-repeated formalized behaviors involving symbols. "
  154. most exist online. There are others out there like me who love this brand( e.g. Apple or Miata). Brands matter socially, so brands matter
    • Brand Community
    • T-shirt)
  155. In order to "get" ads, you have to know something of the cultural code, or they would make no sense.
  156. Advertisers try to make their product "cool" by wrapping them in cultural meaning.
  157. McCracken-The movement of meaning
    Adv is a mechanism of cultural meaning transfer, a brand in an ad is placed in a social scene and the two intermingle, the brand is given social meaning in an idealized context.
  158. Meaning is thus moved from the world to the product( Via advertising) to the individual

    Meaning-->product(adv)----> individual
    Getting contemporary culture and knowing how to move it into brand message( Ads, PR statement, etc) is worth its weight in gold.
  159. Example of brand Entertainment
    • Up in the Air
    • AA+ Hilton hotel
  160. Competition is the driving force behind marketi-direct Economy
    Competition is based on the information
    Information come from IBP
  161. Global ad Spend 2013=$505 billion
  162. Edgy, inexpensive promotional initiatives executed in major urban markets. The purpose is to generate conversation value and buzz
    Guerrilla marketing
  163. Nike Just do it
    Dan Weiden read Gilmore's story( Let's do it)
  164. Who is Murphy
    • Joe Thompson founder of 7-11 advertising profecor
    • In hi-C print ad
    • Strategist of media properties
    • Founder : jhm and partners ad agency
    • Member: Business Suites BoD
    • Coordinator: AA F intership program
    • Test Book author: IBP MGT Book
    • Star: Marlboto TV spot( age 24)
  165. The set of human activities direct at facilitation and consummating mutually beneficial, long-term, exchange relationship
  166. mechanism that allocated resources to meet wants and needs.
    Market-Directed Economy
  167. 4 Fact of Marte-Direct Economy of life
    • 1. Firm conpete
    • 2. Consumer are not force to buy
    • 3. Firm make their own decision
    • 4. Caveat emptor=" Let the buyer beware"
  168. Marketing manager's task is to make" Optimal adjustments of factors under his/her control to factors beyond control.
    Market environment is uncontrollable
  169. advertising and IBP turn products into brands, by giving products cultural meaning. In a way, brands are made by advertisers, and the culture(I.e. us) that gives it meaning.
  170. IBP wrap brands with culture meaning
    Honda " Mathew's day off
  171. Three reason why no traditional media but other promotion tool
    • 1. Media gragmentation ( smartphone, TV)
    • 2. Adv clutter( Too many ads)
    • 3. Increasing Ads Costs
    • ( 17% VS 86%)
  172. PR objective
    • 1. Promote goodwill
    • 2. Counteract the negative publicity among relevant public
  173. PR activities
    • 1. Media relations( Most common use)
    • 2. Sponsorship event( Most common use)
    • 3. Employee communications
    • 4. Lobbying
    • 5. Investor and relations/financial PR
    • 7. Crisis management
  174. How important can media Journal be?
    1. Wall story journal   Stock goes up 20%
  175. Pfizer( drug manufacture)
    Tara Parker Pope
  176. How you corporate your PR with advertising

    Old Spice man ( 44million hit on youtube)
    Craig Allen( Chest Hair)---take class 11 years ago with his partent
  177. Sponsored Even
    • Key Criteria:
    • 1.How much  appeal or attraction does the even have with the target. --Olympic+ Hallmart
    • 2. Connect and emotional experience with brand (Tide and race car)
  178. A brand cleverly capitalizes on an event where( 1) brand is not an official sponsor; and, (2) the brand benefits at the expense of the official sponsor.
    Shiner Bock
  179. PR VS Adv
    • 1. Educates V. Entices(诱惑) (How these tool whorl to target customers)
    • 2. Building credibility V Building image.
    • 3. Generates quality leads V quantity leads. 
    • 4. Little control content V. controlled content
    • Press release ( editors are unpredictable about the news) V( control every detail)
    • 5. Harder than advertising to measure V. standards for measure
  180. Brand
    Important intangible corporate assets
  181. Brand Mind Map
    A structure of attribution associations, comparisons, and other elements thorugh which consumer creates meaning for an individual brand.
  182. Brand information is stored as it related to
    • Attribution
    • Relation with other object
    • Even, people and experience( Emotional connection)
  183. Baylor Medical School
    Brain Scan Study
    Brand experience overrides tast
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