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  1. herbal medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, reflexology, and any other therapies traditionally not emphasized in western medical schools but popular with many patients.
    alternative medicine
  2. alternative medicine when used simultaneously with, rather than instead of, standard western medicine.
    complementary medicine
  3. the practice of medicine as taught in western medical schools
    conventional medicine
  4. a product that contains an ingredient intended to supplement the diet, including vitamins, minerals, herbs, or other botanicals
    dietary supplement
  5. the practice of using herbs to heal
    herbal medicine
  6. plant components including bark, roots, leaves, seeds, flowers, fruit of trees, and extracts of these plants that are valued for their savory, aromatic, or medical remedies
  7. unintentional adverse effects that are caused by the actions of a prescriber, other health care professional, or by a specific treatment
    iatrogenic effects
  8. simultaneous use of both traditional and alternative medicine
    integrative medicine
  9. medications that are not legally available without a prescription from a prescriber, aka prescription drugs
    legend drug
  10. medications that are legally available without a prescription
    otc drugs
  11. the pharmacologically active ingredients in herbal medicines

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