english vocab unit 2

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  1. avid
    (adj)- intensely eager
  2. halcyon
    (adj)- calm, peaceful, happy
  3. devious
    (adj)- sneak, roundabout
  4. accost
    (v)- to approach and speak to first
  5. incendiary
    (adj, n)- setting fires or causing fires,tending to stir up rebellion, one who stirs up rebellion
  6. animadversion
    (n)- a comment of strong disapproval
  7. gambit
    (n)- in chess, an opening move involving risk, an opening move
  8. brakish
    (adj)- having a salty taste
  9. histrionic
    (adj)- theatrical
  10. celerity
    (n)- swiftness
  11. suppliant
    (adj, n)- asking humbly, one who asks humbly
  12. propriety
    (n)- the state of being proper, appropriateness
  13. overt
    (adj)- open direct
  14. undulate
    (adj)- to move in waves or wavelike motion
  15. sacrilege
    (n)- disrespectful treatment of something held sacred
  16. talisman
    (n)- an object believed to have magic powers
  17. myopic
    (adj)- nearsighted, lacking a broad view, narrow-minded
  18. summarity
    (adj)- without delay; briefly
  19. pejorative
    (adj)- tending to make worse, expressing disapproval
  20. maelstrom
    (n)- a whirlpool of great size and violences, a violent situation
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