Histo BlockII Cardio lecture 2 part 1

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  1. Image Upload
    • A Pulmonary Circuit
    • B Pulmonary Arteries
    • C. Vena Cava
    • D. Systemic Circuit
    • E. Aorta and Branches
    • F Pulmonary Veins
  2. Image UploadWhat kind of capillaries are these? Name 4 places you can find them? Label.
    • Fenestrated Capillaries for absorption via pinocytosis (pinch off drinking).  Kissable Gentleman Intimately Exfoliate : Kidney Gall bladder, Intestine, Endocrine Glands
    • A: pericyte (contractile cells surrounding endothelial cells of capillaries)
    • B:Basal Lamina
    • C: Fenestrations from Pinocytosis
    • D: Pinocytotic vesicles
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    • A: Pinocytotic Vesicles
    • B. Fenestrae
  4. Image UploadWhat are these (arrows)? How are they made? What 2 places will you find them and 1 place where you WILL NOT find them?
    Fenestrae enclosed by diaphragms made by glycocalyx pinched off in pinocytosis. Found in intestine & gall bladder for absorption. NOT found in glomeruli of kidney.
  5. Fenestrated capillaries with diaphragms of GI tract& gall bladder @ NO ABSORPTION:
    have ____ walls &   ____ fenestrae and  DURING ABSORPTION ____ walls and ____ fenestrae
    • –during no absorption•have fewer fenestrae•thicker wall–during absorption• During ABSORPTION Increased fenestrae and pinocytotic vesicles•walls thin
  6. Image UploadLabel A, B, C, arrow, arrowhead
    • A Basal Lamina
    • B Endothelium
    • C Podocyte
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    • A: Portal Canals
    • B. Central Vein (drains)
    • C. Sinusoids (liver)
    • All are sinusoids in liver!
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    What kind of cell is this? Label.
    • Discontinuous Capillary (large spaces between endothelial cell)
    • A. RBC
    • B. Endothelial cells
    • C. Discontinuous Gaps between endothelial cells aka space of Disse
    • D. ?? Hepatic cells?
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    • H: Hepatocytes (liver cells) with nucleus, mitochondria & organelles
    • S: Endothelial cells and nucleus
    • E: Lumen?
    • D. Space of Disse
    • L?
    • BC?
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    • A face liver endothelial cell
    • EV= endothelial pits
    • P= pinocytic openings
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    B face;  liver endothelial cell;  EV = small dome shaped  hemispheres of pinocytotic vesicles;  arrows show pinocytotic vesicle necks broken so only the rims of the openings remain (arrows)
  12. Image UploadLabel. Also, what is contained in D?
    • A.sinusoids (light pink rows)
    • B. Megakaryocyte (2)
    • C. erythroblast islet (collection of rbc dark cells)
    • D. Red pullp in spleen contains Splenic Sinusoids
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    • A: arteriole
    • B. venule
  14. Image Upload
    • Left: Arterial
    • Right: Venule
  15. Image Upload
    • A: smooth muscle cell
    • B. Venule
    • C. Arterioles
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    • A: arteriole
    • B. venules
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    • A. Arteriole
    • B. venule
    • C. Arteriole
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    • A:  Arterioles
    • B. Lymphatic Vessel
    • C. Arterioles
    • D. Venules
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    Which is an medium vein or muscular artery
    • Right: medium vein
    • Left: muscular artery
  20. Image Upload
    • Left: more tunica adventitia is Median Vein.
    • Right: see muscle cells so muscular artery
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    • A. mesenteric artery
    • B. mesenteric vein
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    • A. Tunica adventitia
    • B. Tunica media
    • C. Tunica intima
    • D. endothelial cells
    • E. basal lamina
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    • A: Endothelium
    • B. Tunica intima
    • C. Tunica media
    • D. tunica adventitia
    • E. Longitudinal bundles of smooth muscle
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