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  1. 1, acrimonious
    stinging, bitter in temper or tone
  2. 2. consternation
    dismay, confusion
  3. 3. dissension
    disagreement, sharp difference of opinion
  4. 4. dissipate
    to cause to disappear, to scatter, to dispel
  5. 5. relegate
    to place in a lower position, to assign, to banish
  6. 6. susceptible
    open to, easily influence, lacking in resistance
  7. 7. adulation
    excessive praise or flattery
  8. 8. avarice
    a greedy desire, especially for wealth
  9. 9. egregious
    conspicuous, standing out, glaringly obvious (usually not in a good way)
  10. 10. equivocate
    to be deliberately vague, to speak in a way that can mean two different things
  11. 11. penury
    extreme poverty
  12. 12. pretentious
    done for show, trying to make a big impression, overly ambitious
  13. 13. accrue
    to grow or accumulate over time
  14. 14. annotation
    a critical or explanatory note, especially in a literary work
  15. 15. covert
    hidden, disguised, purposefully kept secret
  16. 16. fortuitous
    accidental, happening by a happy chance, lucky
  17. 17. gist
    the essential part, main point, or essence
  18. 18. gratuitous
    freely given, unwarranted, uncalled for
  19. 19. procrastinate
    to delay or put off until later
  20. 20. sedentary
    continually sitting, remaining in one place, inactive
  21. 21. contingent
    dependent on uncertain events or conditions
  22. 22. corroborate
    to confirm, make more certain, verify
  23. 23. discursive
    passing aimlessly from one thing to another, rambling
  24. 24. disseminate
    to scatter or spread widely
  25. 25. palpable
    apable of being touched, easily noticed or recognized
  26. 26. satiate
    to satisfy completely, to be full
  27. 27. incisive
    sharp, keen, penetrating
  28. 28. ostentatious
    showy, flashy, marked by conspicuous display
  29. 29. paragon
    a model of excellence or perfection
  30. 30. prosaic
    dull, lacking in originality, commonplace
  31. 31. redundant
    repetitive, wordy, extra, excess, unnecessary
  32. 32. obdurate
    stubborn, unyielding
  33. 33. connoisseur
    an expert, one who is qualified to pass critical judgments
  34. 34. encumber
    to weigh down or burden
  35. 35. impassive
    showing no feeling or emotion
  36. 36. prolific
    abundantly productive, fruitful
  37. 37. amenable
    willing to follow advice or authority, responsive, agreeable
  38. 38. extraneous
    irrelevant, not essential, foreign
  39. 39. inception
    the beginning, start, or earliest stage of process or development
  40. 40. precocious
    showing unusually early development (usually in talents or intelligence), gifted
  41. 41. adamant
    firm in purpose or opinion, inflexible
  42. 42. bulwark
    a strong defense or protection, a fortress or citadel
  43. 43. enigmatic
    puzzling, perplexing, mysterious, not easily understood
  44. 44. impromptu
    without preparation, suddenly done, spontaneous
  45. 45. requisite
    needed, necessary, regarded as essential, required
  46. 46. choleric
    easily made angry, bad-tempered
  47. 47. onus
    something that is heavy or burdensome (especially an unwelcome responsibility)
  48. 48. supplicate
    to beg earnestly and humbly
  49. 49. credulous
    too ready to believe, easily deceived
  50. 50. jejune
    lacking in nutritive value, interest, or substance; immature and juvenile

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