History Ch. 9 & 10

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  1. the reform movement of the early 1900s concerned with problems of urbanization and industrialization is
  2. became an advocate for improving the lives of women and children..
    Florence Kelly
  3. feared the alcohol was undermining American morals..
  4. journalists who uncovered the wrongdoings on the part of politicians of corporations..
  5. led the way in regulating bis businesses..
    Robert M. La Follette
  6. gives the voters the power to introduce legislation..
  7. citizens can force the legislature to place a recently passed law on the ballot..
  8. enables the voters to remove an official from office..
  9. gave voters the power to elect their senators directly..
    17th amendment
  10. Triangle Shirtwaist fire
    • - March 25, 1911
    • - 145 Garment workers died 
    • - new, strict building codes were passed
  11. Reasons why women were denied the right to vote:
    • 1. it wasnt a woman's place
    • 2. it would increase the divorce rate
    • 3. liquor industry didnt want them to
    • 4. factories didnt want them to 
    • 5. it would reopen black voting rights
  12. Women gained the right to vote..
    19th amendment
  13. who won the election of 1900?
    William McKinley
  14. Teddy's fair and equal treatment for all people:
    Square Deal
  15. 6 major achievements of the square deal:
    • 1. increased federal power
    • 2. mediated coal strike
    • 3. regulated trust
    • 4. regulates transportation
    • 5. protect our health
    • 6. protect our environment
  16. who won the election of 1904?
  17. Who wrote a book exposing the meat packing industry in 1906?
    Upton Sinclair; The jungle
  18. passed in 1906 and required the federal government to inspect meat shipped across state lines:
    Meat Inspection Act
  19. Pure food and drug act forbid the _______, _______, and __________ of food and medical products containing harmful ingredients.
    manufacturing, transportation, and selling
  20. Preserving of our land is..
  21. _______ was named the head of the Forestry Service in 1905.
    Gifford Pinchot
  22. who won the election of 1908?
    William Taft
  23. Gifford Pinchot was fired for criticizing the sale of land in _______.
  24. who won the election of 1912?
    Woodrow Wilson
  25. a federal agency established in 1914 to investigate and stop unfair business practices..
    Federal Trade Commission
  26. the creation of income tax:
    16th amendment
  27. a national banking system that controls the US money supply and the availability of credit in the country is..
    Federal Reserve System
  28. the policy of conquering other countries to build your empire is
  29. 3 factors that fueled the new American imperialism:
    • 1. desire for military strength
    • 2. thirst for new markets
    • 3. belief in cultural superiority
  30. 4 things Alfred T. Mahan said we need to become a world power:
    • 1. modern army
    • 2. canal across Panama
    • 3. navy bases in the Caribbean
    • 4. Hawaii and other islands in the Pacific
  31. wrote a book called "Our Country: Its possible future and its present Crisis" that convinced many people that the US imperialism was right.
    Josiah Strong
  32. king of Hawaii; forced to sign a new constitution called the Bayonet Constitution that limited his role to that of a figurehead..
    King Kalakaua
  33. Queen of HAwaii; Champion of Hawaii
    Queen Liliuokalani
  34. taking a territory and making it your own is
  35. what year was the Spanish American War?
  36. sensational stories used to sway public opinionS
    Yellow journalism
  37. 2 Causes of the Spanish American War:
    • 1. the De Lame Letter
    • 2. The USS Maine explodes
  38. Us Commander in the PAcific during the Spanish American War was
    George Dewey
  39. group of people led by Teddy were..
    Rough Riders
  40. Treaty of Paris:
    • 1. Cuba became free
    • 2. US received Guam & Puerto Rico
    • 3. paid Spain 20 million dollars for the Phillipeans
  41. ended military rule in Puerto Rico..
    Foraker Act
  42. Platt Amendment:
    • 1. Cuba cant make any treaties that would jeprodize their freedom
    • 2. the US could intervein in Cuba's affairs if necessary
    • 3. the US would receive navy bases in Cuba
  43. a country whose affairs are controlled by a stronger power..
  44. policy of giving countries equal access to trading rights in China
    Open Door Policy
  45. when chinese nationalists tried to free their country from western influence..
    Boxer Rebellion
  46. gave us the authority to build the Panama Canal:
    Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty
  47. What year did the Panama Canal open?
  48. who virturally eliminated yellow fever by draining and sanitizing areas of standing water in the canal zone?
    William Gorgas
  49. "Big Stick Policy"; Established the US as an international police power..
    Roosevelt Corollary
  50. the US policy of using economic power to influence other countries..
    Dollar Diplomacy
  51. US policy to deny the recognition of any undemocratic of hostile gov't..
    Missionary diplomacy
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