Flight Planning Definitions

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  1. Specific Range SR
    Measure of Efficiency expressed as ratio of distance per unit of fuel consumed

    Specific Air RangeĀ Image Upload

    Specific Ground RangeImage Upload
  2. Cost Index
    FMC uses it to optimise performance calculations

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  3. Equivalent Still Air DistanceĀ 

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  4. Performance Deterioration Allowance

    Extra fuel added to total fuel to account for worn A/C.

    PDA is applied to ALL facets of the fuel calculation as is included in the individual fuel figures and not as a separate percentage
  5. Def Contingency Fuel

    what percentage is it for the exam A/C?
    A percentage fuel allowance to allow for in flight contingencies including Meteorological, navigational, and operational.

    2% of the A-B B-C fuel for the 767-300
  6. Def "Instrument Approach Fuel"
    Fuel to fly from 1500ft overhead the airfield during the approach down to minimum alt on the approach
  7. Def "Burn off Fuel"
    • A to B
    • Fuel for instrument approach
    • Departure/Arrival allowences
  8. Diversion fuel B-C
    • Fuel from minimum altitude on the approach at B,
    • Fly the missed approach procedure to 1500ft
    • Climb and cruise
    • Arrival overhead C at 1500ft
  9. Approach and Landing fuel
    Visual flight from 1500ft overhead to the end of the landing roll
  10. Fixed Fuel Reserve
    • 30mins and holding speed
    • 1500ft overhead airfield

    In ordinary procedures this remains on board until completion of landing
  11. ISA temp drops by how much per 1000ft?

    What is the ISA tropopause Temp and height?
    • 1.980
    • -56.50C

  12. Formula for LSS
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  13. Mach No Formula
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Flight Planning Definitions
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