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  1. Who are the four founders of Delta Sigma Pi?
    • Alexander Frank Makay
    • Alfred Moysello
    • Henry Albert Tienken
    • Harold Valentine Jacobs
  2. Who established the Central Office and served as its director for 31 years?
    H.G. "Gig" Wright
  3. Who is the Provincial Vice President?
    Janene Marsuke
  4. Who is the Regional Vice President?
    Harmony Lazore
  5. Who appoints a District Director?
    Regional Vice President
  6. Who is your District Director?
    Steve Miller
  7. What is the Chapter Management Program(CMP)?
    a web based program managed through Deltasig Hub, is the method of formal communication between collegiate chapters and the national fraternity
  8. What are the three levels of CMP a chapter can achieve?
    Accredited Chapter, Chapter of Recognition, and Chapter of Excellence
  9. What level is every chapter expected to achieve?
    the first level, Accredited Chapter
  10. About how many people have been initiated into the Fraternity since its founding?
    About 250,000
  11. What are the five categories of General Risk Management Policy?
    • Alcohol & Drugs
    • Statement on Hazing
    • Discrimination & Harassment
    • Chapter Houses & Meeting Facilities
    • Fraternity Events
  12. Name ways to support the Fraternity after graduation.
    • Participate in an alumni chapter.
    • Participate in national leadership or development events.
    • Attend collegiate chapter events.
    • Serve on the national level as a Board member, RVP, DD, or committe memeber.
    • Establish a new collegiate or alumni chapter.
    • Assist a RVP
    • Donate money or services
  13. Explain the educational and leadership consult program in your own words.
    A visit from the Central Office staff, to benefit the chapter by having meetings, trainings, and discussions about all areas of chapter operations.
  14. In your own words, define the ideal chapter.
    Each member lives and carries out the values of the Fraternity and their is always perfect harmony because everyone gets along. The ideal chapter also has active members and has a prominent place on campus.
  15. In your own words, define the ideal member.
    A brother who is tolerant and sympathetic to the viewpoint of others, follows DSP values, works hard, remembers that "he profits most who serves best" and gives to the Fraternity.
  16. When was Delta Sigma Pi founded?
    November 7, 1907
  17. Where was Delta Sigma Pi founded?
    the School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance of NYU, New York, NY.
  18. What city was the Central Office established?
  19. Where is it located today?
    330 South Campus Avenue, Oxford, Ohio 45056
  20. Who is the current Grand President?
    Onuka Ibe
  21. Who is the past Grand President?
    Mark A. Chiacchiari
  22. Who is VP-Organizational Development?
    David Glanzrock
  23. Who is VP-Finance?
    Shane Borden
  24. Who was the National Collegian of 2012?
    Cody M. Candee
  25. Who was the National Collegian of 2013?
    Richie M. Brandt
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