Language of Anatomy 3

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  1. Name the cavity labeled 1
    Cranial Cavity

  2. Name the cavity labeled 2
    Vertebral Cavity

  3. Name the cavity labeled 4
    Thoracic Cavity

  4. Name the cavity labeled 5
    Abdominal Cavity

  5. Name the cavity labeled 6
    Pelvic Cavity

  6. Together, the cavities you named in for #'s 5 & 6 are called the ? cavity.
    Abdominalpelvic Cavity

  7. Together, the cavities you named in #'s 4,5,& 6 are called the ? cavity
    Ventral Cavity

  8. Together, the cavities you named in #'s 1 & 2 are called ? cavity
    Dorsal Cavity

  9. Name the plane labeled A
    Coronal (Frontal) Plane

  10. Name the plane labeled B
    Sagittal Plane

  11. Name the plane labeled C
    Transverse Plane

  12. Name the quadrant labeled 12
    Right Upper Quadrant

  13. Name the quadrant labeled 13
    Right Lower Quadrant

  14. Name the quadrant labeled 14
    Left Upper Quadrant

  15. Name the quadrant labeled 15
    Left Lower Quadrant

  16. Named the area labeled 16
    Right Hypochondriac Region

  17. Named the area labeled 17
    Right Lumbar Region

  18. Named the area labeled 18
    Right Iliac Region

  19. Named the area labeled 19
    Epigastric Region

  20. Named the area labeled 20
    Umbilical Region

  21. Named the area labeled 21
    Hypogastric (Pubic) Region

  22. Named the area labeled 22
    Left Hypochondriac Region

  23. Named the area labeled 23
    Left Lumbar Region

  24. Named the area labeled 24
    Left Iliac Region

  25. Name the membrane labeled 25

  26. Name the membrane labeled 26

  27. Name the membrane labeled 27
  28. Is the visceral or the parietal portion of the serous membrane closer to the surface of the organ?
  29. Is the visceral or the parietal portion of the serous membrane further to the surface of the organ?
  30. What is a serous membrane?
    Covers walls of ventral body cavity and organs within this cavity

  31. Name the cavity labeled 31
    Nasal Cavity

  32. Name the cavity labeled 32
    Orbital Cavity

  33. Name the cavity labeled 33
    Oral Cavity

  34. Name the cavity labeled 34
    Synovial Cavity

  35. Name the cavity labeled 35
    Middle Ear

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Language of Anatomy 3
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Terms relating to the parts of the body
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