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  1. Who was the Mali king that brought much gold to Mecca?
  2. What was the common trade language along the eastern coast of Africa?
  3. Who was the Supreme Being of the Kikuyu people?
  4. Who was the Ethiopian king that became a Coptic Christian?
    -King Ezance
  5. Name the river that bordered Zimbabwes empire.
  6. What was one of the finest and most substantially built towns?
  7. Name the modern town on Somalias eastern coast.
  8. Who were the people that Kilwa engaged in jihad against?
    -Zinj people
  9. Who founded the Kingdom of Mali?
    -King Sunjata
  10. What means ruler?
  11. Maize is another name for what food?
  12. What material did the Africans forge into tools and use as a form of money?
  13. Name two West African trading items.
    -Gold, iron & cotton
  14. What large city built near the Sabi River has a name that means great house of stone?
  15. What is the ancient name for China?
  16. List two ways in which a camels body is built for desert survival.
    • -Stores liquid
    • -Stores energy
    • -Shuts out sandstorms
  17. Where was the kingdom of Kush located?
  18. What is another name for Aksum?
  19. What regions did African towns trade with?
    • -India
    • -China
    • -Arabia
  20. Coptic Christians regard Menelik as the offspring of what king?
    -King Solomon
  21. What has been the imperial title of Ethiopian rulers?
    -The conquering lion of the tribe of Judah.
  22. What commodities did major businesses in eastern African cities center themselves?
    • -Ivory
    • -Stones
    • -Slaves
  23. Followers of what religion composed the first written history of Africa?
  24. What empire became prosperous partly because of its gold and salt trading?
  25. What clan believed in one god?
  26. What developed independently in Africa?
  27. What ages did African empires build advanced cities?
    -Europe's dark ages
  28. Name of a large area of flat grasslands.
  29. What was the most important element of traditional African culture?
  30. What was made by carving rock below ground level?
    -Church Salalibeli
  31. What do animists believe?
    -Spirits exist in nature
  32. What became widely adopted in northern Africa due to the spread of Islam in the region?
  33. Where did livestock serve as a sign of wealth and prosperity?
  34. What type of land is Africa covered by?
    -Deserts and rain forests
  35. What is the Sahel?
    -A narrow strip of land in Africa between the Sahara Desert and the rain forest.
  36. What did Africans grow?
    • -Maize
    • -Yahns
  37. What do the Coptic Christians believe?
    -They believed that the tabet contained the original
  38. When did people start to convert their religions?
    -13th Century
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