Progressive Era

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  1. "New" Immigrants
    12 million immigrants from Eastern & Southern Europe to Ellis Island
  2. Nativism/Americanization
    • Americans didn't want immigrants to come and take jobs
    • Forces immigrants to acquire the traits/characteristics of Americans
  3. Muckrakers
    Exposed corruption in the gov't/ businesses to public(investigative journalism)
  4. Jacob Riis
    poverty/ urban living conditions
  5. Lewis Hine
    anti-child labor advocate (photographer)
  6. Upton Sinclair
    food safety/ working conditions
  7. Lincoln Steffens
    gov't corruption
  8. Thomas Nast
    political cartoonist (political cartoons)
  9. Progressivism
    people using the gov't to make a change; liberal response to laissez-faire
  10. Gov't Philosophy
    Gov't should take action, not sit and watch
  11. Wisconsin Model
    • 1st state to develop direct primary for nomination of presidential candidates; enacted social change
    • Initiative- allows citizens to propose new laws
    • Referendum-allows citizens to vote on a proposed/ existing law (by legislature)
    • Recall- allows voters to remove an elected official from office
  12. Efficiency Progressivism
    • Looked at structures scientifically
    • Galveston Model: Galveston, TX set up a 5 member committee after a hurricane
    • City Manager Model: Professional administrator manages the gov't; can fire manager whenever necessary
  13. Suffrage Movement
    • women's right to vote; 19th Amendment
    • Alice Paul: more extreme feminist
  14. Temperance Movement
    Ban alcohol; Prohibition; run by women
  15. Social Gospel
    • address problems form urbanization/poverty
    • Settlement Houses(Hull House)
    • Protestant Church
  16. Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
    • women working in shirtwaist factory
    • caught fire on 8,9,10th floors
    • 146 fatalities
    • factory owners locked doors from outside b/c fear of theft
    • led to 30 safety codes in NY 

  17. 16th Amendment
    gave Congress power to levy taxes based on individual income
  18. 17th Amendment
    voters elect senators directly
  19. Roosevelt's Square Deal
    • Regulations of Corporations- Trustbuster; split up monopolies; JP Morgan sued
    • Consumer Protection-Meat Inspection Act(USDA)/Pure Food and Drug Act(FDA)
    • Conservation of Natural Resources- Newlands Reclamation Act: land sold in West, funds used for irrigation; 100 mil. acres added to protected; 5 nat'l parks &5 federal wildlife reservations
  20. Anthracrite Coal Strike
    • workers go on strike due to pay and hours
    • Roosevelt saw workers and management as selfish, threatens to send army work mines
    • shows gov't will step in as honest arbitrator if necessary
  21. Taft
    Trustbusting: busts 90 trusts in 4 yrs

    Tariff:tariff increased, although promised it would decrease
  22. Ballinger-Pinchot Affair
    • Sec. of Interior (Ballinger) illegally sold millions of acres of protected land
    • Pinchot(head of federal Division  of Forestry) accuses Ballinger, Taft fires Pinchot not Ballinger b/c he went to the papers exposing the truth
    • Shows Taft not committed to conservation
    • Roosevelt no longer supports Taft 
  23. Wilson: New Freedom
    • wins b/c Republican vote was split
    • New Freedom: C.U.F.F.
    • C-Clayton Anti-Trust Act: prohibits trusts
    • U-Underwood Tariff: reduces tariff
    • F- Federal Reserve Act: central fund banks borrow from Fed. Reserve; prevents collapse  during financial crisis
    • F- Federal Trade Commission: enforced anti-trust laws; tough on deceptive advertising
  24. Election of 1912
    • "New Nationalism"- laws to protect workers, ensure public health, and regulate business (Roosevelt)
    • Republican- Taft
    • Democrat- Wilson
    • "Bull Moose"(Progressive Republicans)- Roosevelt
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