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  1. CEJA stands for
    council on ethical and judicial affairs
  2. nonmaleficence
    refraining from harming the oneself or another person
  3. beneficence means
    the act of doing or producing good
  4. defendant
    a person required to answer in a legal action , the person accused of a crime
  5. implied consent
    presumed consent
  6. open office hours as so called
    tidal wave scheduling patients come in at intermittent times
  7. informed consent
    written consent
  8. wave scheduling
    three patients are scheduled at the same time and they are seen in the order of their arrival
  9. modified wave schedule
    two patients come in at the same time and the third patient comes in 30 minutes later
  10. letter sizes
    standard or letter 8½ x 11 inches

    monarch or executive  8½ x 10½ inches

    legal 8½ x 14 inches
  11. envelopes
    No. 10 business size

    No. 6¾ statements
  12. spacing and margins
    margins are 1 to 1½ inches on each side

    double spaced
  13. express mail
    available 7 days a week 365 days a year

    Sundays and holidays

    up to 70lbs

    the fastest mail service offered
  14. first-class mail
    letters , postal cards , business reply mail

    13 ounces or less
  15. priority mail
    mail weighing over 13 ounces
  16. standard mail
    advertising , promotional , directory or editorial material
  17. insured mail
    insurance coverage against loss or damage is available for priority mail
  18. registered mail
    must be signed for
  19. certified mail
    contracts , deeds , mortgages , bank books , checks , passports
  20. source-oriented records
    observations  and data are cataloged according to their source

    lab reports from physician , laboratory , radiology , nurse , technician

    reverse chronologic order
  21. problem oriented medical records
    weed system
  22. soap
    subjective: by the patient complaints

    objective: by the physician test

    assessment or diagnosis

  23. active files
    current patients
  24. inactive files
    patient not seen for 6 months
  25. closed files
    patients who have died , moved away , terminated their relationship
  26. filing of materials involves five basic steps
    • conditioning
    • releasing
    • indexing and coding
    • sorting
    • storing and filing
  27. conditioning
    removing all pins , paper clips
  28. releasing
    mark is placed on the paper indicating that it is now ready for filing
  29. indexing and coding
    deciding where to file the letter

    coding means placing some indication of this decision on the paper
  30. sorting
    arranging in a sequence
  31. ICD-9
    coding for diseases and illness
  32. E codes
    environmental or external causes of injury or poisoning
  33. v codes
    are used when the patient is not currently ill or condition , or injury

    preventative vaccination

    well baby check up
  34. do not call a patient between the hours
    8am and 9pm
  35. accounts payable
    debts incurred and not yet paid
  36. accounts receivable
    accounts owed to the physician
  37. quarterly returns
    • April 30
    • July 31
    • October 31
    • January 31
  38. Maslow's
    hierarchy of needs

    physiologic needs: air , food , water , sleep


    social needs

  39. theories x , y , z ( Douglas Mcgregor)
    x - hard management

    y - people enjoy to work
  40. developing a plan
    • assessment
    • research
    • planning
    • evaluation
    • execution
  41. four P's
    • product
    • placement
    • price
    • promotion
  42. antibodies
    immunoglobulins produced by the immune system in response to bacteria , viruses
  43. antigen
    a foreign substance that causes the production of a specific antibody
  44. antiseptics
    substances that inhibit the growth of microorganisms on living tissues

    • alcohol
    • betadine
  45. disinfectant
    a liquid chemical that is capable of eliminating many or all pathogens not spores
  46. germicides
    agents that destroy pathogenic organisms
  47. transient bacteria
  48. resident bacteria
    lives on skin or mucosa
  49. fungal infections
  50. b-cells
    humoral immunity

    inflammatory response
  51. t-cells
    cell-mediated immunity

  52. diabetes mellitus type 1
    pancreas no longer produce insulin

    juvenile diabetes
  53. diabetes mellitus type 2
    the body is unable to use glucose for energy
  54. body mass index
    18.5 or less under weight

    18.5 - 24.9 normal weight

    25 - 29.9 over weight

    30 to 39 obese
  55. pulse range
  56. respiration range
  57. diastolic pressure
    heart is at rest
  58. systolic pressure
    heart is contracting
  59. anatomy
    study of structure
  60. physiology
    study of function
  61. gauge ranges
    14 the largest

    31 the smallest
  62. intradermal injections
    gauge 27 to 28

    length 3/8

    syringe 1 ml


    15 degree
  63. subcutaneous injections
    25 and 26 gauge

    length 1/2 , 5/8

    syringe 2 ml  and insulin

    45 degrees
  64. insulin needles
    31 gauge
  65. intramuscular
    20 to 23 gauge

    length 1-3 inches

    syringe 2-5 ml

    90 degree
  66. superscription
    patient's name address the date and symbol Rx
  67. inscription
    name of drug dosage form strength
  68. subscription
    directions for the pharmacist

    size of each dose

    amount to be dispensed

    form of drug
  69. signature
    directions for the patient


    how when and what quantities to take
  70. physician's desk reference
    gray: actual-size photographs of the tablets and capsules

    white: list of pharmaceutical companies

    pink: listing of all drugs with complete information
  71. hyperopia
  72. myopia
  73. ranges for diabetes
    plasma 80 to 120

    fasting 70 to 110

    glucose tolerance test less than 200

    below 45 to 60 hypoglycemia insulin shock
  74. ranges for A1c
    For someone who doesn't have diabetes, a normal A1C level can range from 4.5 to 6 percent. Someone who's had uncontrolled diabetes for a long time might have an A1C level above 8 percent.
  75. lol
    beta blockers

    reduce the rate of cardiac output opens up blood vessels
  76. pril
    ace inhibitors

    vasodilation reduce the work load of the heart

    angiotensin-converting enzymes
  77. sartan
    Angiotensin II receptor blockers

    blocks the action of chemicals that cause vasoconstriction

    cozaar atacand diovan
  78. pine
    Calcium channel blockers

    Norvasc Lotrel Cardizem Procardia vascor
  79. veins
    carry deoxygenated blood back to the heart
  80. arteries
    carry oxygenated blood away from the heart
  81. flow of blood through the heart
    right atrium (receives deoxygenated blood from the inferior and superior vena cavae

    tricuspid valve

    right ventricle

    lungs via the pulmonary artery (oxygenation occurs)

    left ventricle via pulmonary veins 

    mitral ( bicuspid valve )

    left ventricle

  82. SA node
    sinoatrial node pack maker of the heart
  83. P wave
    atrial contraction depolarization
  84. QRS complex
    ventricular contraction depolarization
  85. T wave
    ventricular contraction repolarization
  86. U wave
  87. baseline
    heart at rest polarization
  88. PR interval
    between atria and ventricular contraction depolarization
  89. QT interval
    ventricular contraction
  90. chest leads or precordial
    V1 to V6
  91. augmented leads
    • aVr
    • aVL
    • aVf
  92. standard leads
    • I
    • II
    • III
  93. yellow (hazards)
  94. red hazards
  95. blue hazard
  96. white hazard
  97. order of draw
    • yellow
    • light blue
    • red
    • green
    • lavender
    • gray
  98. cocci

    packets of four tetrads
  99. rod-shaped
  100. spiral
  101. grapelike clusters
  102. diplo
  103. hemostat
    clamp small vessels
  104. needle holder
    grasp a suture needle firmly
  105. forceps


    remove objects
  106. retractor
    hold tissue away from the surgical wound
  107. trocars and obturators
    with draw fluids from cavities irrigations
  108. scoliosis
    lateral curvature
  109. kyphosis
    curvature of thoracic spine

  110. Lordosis
    curvature of lumbar spine

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