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  1. The deponent may change the form or the substance of the answer to any question within:
    30 days following notice
  2. T/F
    A person may take, and any person other than the deponent may attend, a deposition by telephone or other remote electronic means
  3. Before, during, or after a deposition, any party, any deponent, or any other affected natural person or organization may promptly move for a protective order. The motion shall be accompanied by.....
    a meet and confer declaration
  4. Where no transcript is produced, stenographic notes of depositions shall be retained by the reporter for a period of not less than:
    8 years from the date of the deposition
  5. Where a transcript is produced, stenographic notes of depositions shall be retained by the reporter for a period of not less than:
    One year from the date on which the transcript is produced
  6. T/F
    For good cause shown, the court may shorten the 30-day period for making changes, approving, or refusing to approve the transcript
  7. When prepared as a rough draft transcript, the transcript of the deposition may:
    Not be certified and may not be used, cited, or transcribed as the certified transcript of the deposition proceedings.
  8. The attorney to whom the transcript of a deposition is transmitted shall:
    Retain custody of it until six months after final disposition of the action, whereupon the transcript may be destroyed
  9. T/F
    Any party may obtain discovery by taking a deposition by written questions instead of by oral examination
  10. T/F
    No party or attorney shall permit the deponent to preview the form or the substance of any cross, redirect, or recross questions
  11. The highest priority of the Court Reporters Board is the protection of:
    The public
  12. The CRB shall: (3)
    • +determine qualifications of license applicants
    • +make rules governing the examination of applicants
    • +grant certificates to those who prove to be qualified in professional shorthand reporting
  13. If the applicant makes a false statement or fails to reveal a material fact in an application for a license:
    The CRB has the power to deny a license
  14. Within how many days must a licensee report a change of address or change of name to the CRB?
    30 days
  15. The Court Reporters Board of California exists and functions under:
    The Department of Consumer Affairs of California
  16. The Transcript Reimbursement Fund is designed to:
    Assist low-income litigants
  17. T/F
    Any person who desired it may make an affirmation rather than an oath
  18. Y/N
    If the deponent does not request to read, review, and sign his deposition on the record, prior to the conclusion of the deposition, is his/her right to do such waived?
  19. A deposition must not be taken before a person who is: (3)
    • +any party's relative, employee or attorney
    • +related to or employed by any party's attorney.
    • +financially interested in the action
  20. T/F
    By Rule 26(b) the court may alter the limits in these rules on the number or depositions taken in a case
  21. T/F
    In a federal case the deposition notice must state that the deposition will include instant visual display (aka interactive realtime) of the testimony
  22. An objection to the deposition officer's qualifications is waived if not made:
    • +Before the deposition begins
    • +Promptly after the basis for disqualification becomes known
  23. When a party files the original deposition, they must:
    Notify all other parties
  24. When a deposition is taken by written questions, who must deliver to the deposition officer all the questions served and the notice?
    The party who noticed the deposition
  25. A death penalty proceeding is considered when
    The ASCII disks of accuracy have been filed
  26. What type of juror-identifying information is used in a death penalty appeal transcript?
    Juror's I.D. number only
  27. .How many copies are filed with the original transcript on appeal in a death penalty case
  28. In a death penalty case the ASCII disks are billed at
  29. A judge is designated to supervise the preparation of the record of the preliminary proceedings
  30. What code section will you find how the reporter is compensated for computer-readable copies?
    GC 69954(b)
  31. If a defendant is held to answer to the charges at a preliminary hearing, the reporter must produce the transcript in how many days?
  32. If an indictment has been found by the grand jury, the reporter shall prepare the transcript within how many days
  33. T/F
    Grand jury transcripts shall not be open to the public until ten days after delivery to the defendant of defendant's attorney
  34. A 1538.5 motion is
    Motion to suppress evidence or return of property
  35. A CSR license expires on
    The end of the month of the birthday of the certificate holder
  36. If a certificate is not renewed within three years what must the reporter do to obtain a certificate
    • pay the fees
    • meet all requirements and qualifications to obtain original
    • show good cause to the CRB for the reason why the license was not renewed
  37. personal recording devices can be used in a courtroom
    only for personal notes and only with advanced permission from the judge
  38. The reporter must reference exhibits within the body of the transcript
    • at the first instance which an exhibit is identified
    • at each instance which an exhibit is admitted into evidence
    • at each instance which an exhibit is refused to be admitted into evidence
  39. The reporter only has to  provide an Index for an appellate transcript
  40. an index for an appellate transcript must contain
    • alphabetical listing of witnesses
    • chronological listing of witnesses
    • volume and page # where each examination begins
  41. The maximum amount of physical pages allowed in an appellate transcript per volume is
  42. 300
  43. personal information identifying the jurors and alternate jurors sworn to try a criminal case must be
    • treated confidentially
    • must be sealed
    • must be redacted and replaced with an identifying number
  44. Juvenile cases are
    • confidential
    • have limited or prohibited public access to hearings
    • have 20 days within which an appeal transcript is to be filed
  45. The reporter must prepare an original and how many copies of a death penalty preliminary proceeding for appeal purposes
  46. The transcript on appeal for a death penalty case must be filed within how many days of receipt of the notice to prepare
  47. CSR license number is require  on
    • all advertising
    • all business stationery
    • all business telephone listings
    • the cover page and certificate page of the transcript
  48. Official court reporters are eligible to be appointed/hired by the courts after passing
    the CSR licensing exam
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