rhet list 1-2

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  1. bombast
    language that is overly rhetorical (pompous)
  2. rhetoric
    the principles governing the art of writing effectively and eloquently. It is often referred to as the stylistic devices an author uses to appeal successfully to a specific audience and is usually persuasive in nature.
  3. style
    – an evaluation of the sum of choices an author makes in blending diction, syntax, figurative language, and other literary devices
  4. understatement –
    figurative language that presents the facts in a way that makes them appear much less significant than they really are
  5. allegory
    he device of using character and/or story elements symbolically to represent an abstraction in addition to the literal meaning.
  6. aphorism
    – a concise, pithy statement of an opinion or a general truth
  7. circumlocution
    indirectly addressing a subject or “talking around a subject”; also “talking around a word.”
  8. connotation
    the non-literal, associative meaning of a word; the implied, suggested meaning.
  9. denotation
    the strict, literal, dictionary definition of a word, devoid of any emotion, attitude, or color.
  10. euphemism
    a word or words that are used to avoid employing an unpleasant or offensive term. They may be used to adhere to standards of social or political correctness or to add humor or ironic understatement.
  11. malapropism
    the unintentional use of a word that resembles the word intended but that has a very different meaning
  12. oxymoron
    a contradiction of terms grouped together
  13. paradox
    an apparent contradiction of ideas or statements
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