CSCI 120 Test 1 Review

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  1. Class
    Defines a particular kind of object; blueprint that tells a program exactly how to create and display an object from that class.
  2. Computer Program
    Set of instructions that tells the computer what to do
  3. Flowchart
    A visual guide in aiding how to create a program
  4. Object
    Instantiation of classes
  5. Design
    The decision process on how to create a program
  6. Algorithm
    A step-by-step structure
  7. Argument
    An item of information that must be supplied to a program so that it can execute an action
  8. Comment
    Does not contribute to the program but helps reader understand what a particular part or a whole program does
  9. Control Structure
    Construct which affects the flow of the program's execution
  10. Instruction
    A piece of code that is to be performed
  11. Method
    A segment of program code (small set of instructions) that defines how to perform a specific task
  12. Nesting
    One program statement is written inside another
  13. Property
    Certain attributes of a specific object
  14. Pseudo code
    A loose version of the instructions that will eventually become the program code
  15. Scenario
    • Description of the story, game or simulation, also called the problem statement
    • What story is told?
    • What objects are needed?
    • What actions are to take place?
  16. Storyboard
    Design approach used to create a solution to a problem or plan a list of action to perform a task, as specified in the scenario
  17. Boolean Value
    True False values
  18. Condition
    A specific value or characteristic that is tested to be true or false
  19. Control structure
  20. Function
    • Asks questions about certain properties of the objects or the world
    • Proximity
    • Size
    • Spatial relation
    • Point of view
    • Other
  21. if/else instruction
    A conditional execution that involves a decision based on the current condition of the world
  22. Loop
    Repeats the execution of a section of program code a specific number of times
  23. Relational Operator
    Tests or defines some kind of relation between two entities. These include numericalequality (e.g., 5 = 5) and inequalities (e.g., 4 ≥ 3)
  24. Repetition
  25. Decision
    An action where a decision is to be made; outcome will be a Boolean value
  26. Expression
    A math operation on numbers or other kinds of values
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