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  1. Provides quick access to actions that most users perform frequently in Windows 8
    Charms bar
  2. An icon, identified by a small arrow in the bottom left-hand corner, that provides quick access to programs or features just like the tiles on the start screen
  3. A list of program shortcuts, which shows recently opened files, the program name, an option to pin or unpin an item, and close option
  4. A windows 8 accessory programthat provides users the ability to capture an image of all (or part of) their computer screen
    Snipping Tool
  5. Antispyware and antivirus software included with windows 8
    Windows Defender
  6. An area of the taskbar where icons are displayed that indicate tasks that need the users attention
    Notification Area
  7. Adding a tile to the Start Screen
  8. The name given to the Start screen that features large type with clean, readable block images inspired by metropolitan service signs such as those found on bus stations and subways
    Windows 8 interface
  9. A colorful block on the Start screen that when clicked will launch a program, file, folder, or other Windows 8 app
  10. A list of thumbnails of previous programs
    Switch list
  11. The distribution of the processing of task across a group of computers
    Distributed Computing
  12. A specialized computer found in ordinary devices, such as gasoline pumps, supermarket checkouts, traffic lights, and home appliances
    Embedded Computer
  13. The first working, digital, general-purpose computer
    ENIAC ( Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer )
  14. The processed, useful form of data
  15. The process a computer uses to convert data into information. The four steps are input, processing, storage, and output
    Information Processing Cycle (IPC)
  16. A silicon chip that contains a large number of tiny transistors
    Integrated circuit
  17. Technology recedes into the background and becomes part of our environment
    Ubiquitous computing
  18. A tube that resembles an incandescent lightbulb and was used in first-generation computers
    Vacuum tubes
  19. A high-end desktop computer or one that's attached to a network in a business
    Workstation Computer
  20. The intersection of a row and a column in a spreadsheet
  21. The ability to save, share, search, and audit electronic documents throughout their life cycle
    Document Management
  22. Software that has its source code published and made available to the public, enabling anyone to copy, modify, and redistribute it without paying fees
    Open Source
  23. A program used to manage email, calendar, and tasks and is often part of an office suite
    • Personal Information Manager
    • (PIM)
  24. An application designed to help you complete projects, keep within your budget, stay on schedule, and collaborate with others
    Project management
  25. A row of data in a database table that describes a particular entry in the database - for example, a customer or product
  26. Part of cloud computing. The delivery of applications-- or Web apps-- over the internet
    • Software-as-a-Server
    • (SaaS)
  27. The minimum hardware and software specifications required to run a software
    System Requirements
  28. The process of copying files to another location for protection
    Back up
  29. Terms that define the relationships between words or groups of words and are used to create search filters: AND, OR, and NOT
    Boolean Operators
  30. The second part of a file name. Is assigned by the program that is used to create the file and is used by the operating system to determine the type of file
    File extension
  31. The property of file that's used to identify it using name and file extension
    File name
  32. Information abut a file, such as authors, size, type, and date, which can be used o organize, sort, and find files more easily
    File property
  33. A container used to store and organize files on a computer
  34. The folder structure created by Windows. There are folders within folders, which are known as subfolders or children
  35. Uses a compression algorithm on files that contain more information than humans can typically discern ( typically images, audio, an video files). That extra information is removed from the file. it' not possible to decompress this file because the information has been removed from the file
    Lossy compression
  36. A set of steps to solve a problem
  37. The folder that is common to all users on a computer and provides an easy way to share files between them
    Public folder
  38. The part of the processor that performs arithmetic (addition and subtraction) and logic (AND, OR, and NOT) calculations
    Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
  39. A technology designed to connect peripherals wirelessly at short ranges
  40. A legacy technology that uses cathode ray tube to excite phosphor particles coating a glass screen to light up pixels
    Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitor
  41. The part of the processor that manages the movement of data through the CPU
    Control Unit
  42. The main mass-storage device in a computer. A form of nonvolatile storage; when the computer is powered off, the data isn't lost. Holds the operating system, programs, and data files
    • Hard Drive
    • Hard Disk
    • Hard Disk Drive
  43. A processor that consists of two or more processors integrated on a single chip. Increases the processing speed, and decreases energy consumption over multiple separate processors
    Multi-core processor
  44. The components that serve the input, output and storage functions of a computer system
    Peripheral device
  45. A form of volatile memory that hold the operating systems, programs, and data the computer is currently using. Any information left in memory is lost when the power is turned off
    Random Access Memory (RAM)
  46. An input device typically found on a notebook computer instead of a mouse. Motion is detected by moving your finger across the touch-sensitive surface
  47. A mobile Linux operating systen found on many smartphones and tablets
  48. Unorganized files that are broken down into small pieces that are stored in nonadjacent or noncontiguous clusters on the disk
    File fragmentation
  49. The interface between the user and the computer. Allows a user to point to and click on objects, such as icons and buttons, to initiate commands
    Graphic user interface (GUI)
  50. An open source operating system distribution that contains the Linux kernel and bundled utilities and applications
  51. The ability to do more than one task at a time
  52. A specialized operating system found on servers in a client-server network that provide services requested by the client computers, such as file services, printing services, centralized security, and communication services
    Network Operating System  (NOI)
  53. The system software that provides the user with the interface to communicate with the hardware and software on a computer. A computer can't run without one installed
    Operating System (OS)
  54. An operating system feature that allows you to easily add new hardware to a computer system.
    When you plug in a new piece of hardware, the OS detects it and helps to set it up
    Plug and Play (PnP)
  55. A type of system software used to perform computer maintenance
    Utility software
  56. An advanced point-and-shoot camera with interchangeable lenses and other D-SLR features
    Compact System Camera (CSC)
  57. A technology that is applied to digital media files, such as music, e-books, and videos, to impose restrictions on the use of these files
    Digital rights management (DRM)
  58. A digital camera that uses interchangeable lenses, can be manually focused, and can cost thousands of dollars. Gives the user more control than point-and-shoot cameras
    Digital Single Lens Reflex (D-SLR)camera
  59. devices that run the iOS operating system; iPad, iPod, or iPhone
    iOS device
  60. The number of horizontal pixels by vertical pixels, for example 1280 x 1024 or 1024 x 768, on a display screen. The higher, the sharper the image
  61. A software that allows you to create a video of what happens on your computer screen
    Screen capture
  62. A feature that allows a user to use a computer without a keyboard by speaking commands. It can be used for such tasks as automatically providing customer service through a call center, dialing a cell phone, or even dictating a term paper
    Speech recognition
  63. Media, such as video or audio, begins to play immediately as it is being received and does not require the whole file to be downloaded to your computer first
  64. A handheld, mobile device somewhere between an computer and a smartphone that runs a mobile operating system
  65. Broadcasting on the web
    Web casting
  66. Illegal characters in file names
    / \ ? : * " > < |
  67. Example of a Lossy file type
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