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  1. Correct sound of crow
    1. None 1.None
  2. High pitch crow with too few sounds
    1. Embouchure is too tight, pinched 1. Decrease pressure in embouchure, more relaxed

    2. Reed is too stiff, closed off. 2. Chck thinkness of reed, balance in cane.
  3. Low pitched crow
    1. Lack of support 1. More support to DAMPEN the reed

    2. Reed too long and/or too wide 2. Change length and/or width of reed
  4. Correct sound on low F
    1. NONE 1.NONE
  5. Unsupported sound on low F
    1. Lack of support from lower jaw 1. Slightly increase lower jaw support

    2. Lack of air column support from diaphragm 2. Use faster airstream. More support from diaphragm
  6. Correct-Unsupported-Correct
    OK-Lack of Support-OK NONE- Needs increased Support-None
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