med surg III, EKG

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  1. What is the pacemaker of the heart
    Sinoatrial node (SA Node)
  2. What is the purpose of the AV Node
    To slow down conduction and Allow atrial contraction and ventricular filling
  3. what is occurring during the P wave
    atrial depolarization
  4. what is the beginning of the atrail depolarization to the beginning of ventricular depolarization called(beginning of P wave to beginning of QRS complex)
    PR interval or PRI
  5. how long should the PR interval last
    0.12-0.20 seconds
  6. what is occurring during the QRS complex
    ventricular depolarization and Atrail repolarization

    QRS complex is the amount of time it takes the ventricles to contract
  7. how long should a normal QRS complex
    0.06-0.12 second
  8. what does a widening QRS complex indicate(QRS complex greater than 0.12 seconds)
    ventricle dysfunction
  9. what is  the period Between ventricular depolarization and the beginning of ventricular repolarization called
    ST segment
  10. what  does An ST Seg elevation greater than 2mm indicate
    myocardial injury
  11. ST segment depression 2millimeters or more indicates what
    myocardial injury or Ischemia
  12. what is worse and why myocardial injury or myocardial Ischemia
    injury because  injury is non reversible. Ischemia  can be reversed when Oxygenation to the tissue is restored
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