computer science

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  1. What is software?
    A term that refers to computer programs
  2. What is a program?
    A set of instructions given to the computer to carry out a task
  3. What are the two types of software? What do they refer to?
    • Systems software- programs written for the computer (operating systems)
    • Applications software- programs written for users (word processing)
  4. What are the three types of applications software?
    • Tailor-made software
    • Off-the-shelf software
    • Integrated software package
  5. What is the advantage of tailor–made software?
    • Satisfies the company's requirements
    • Easily modified and updated
    • Operates easily
    • Easier to train employees
  6. What is the disadvantage of tailor-made software?
    • Expensive
    • Takes time
    • May not immediately function properly
    • Errors may occur 
    • Maintenance very dependent of the software developers
  7. What are the advantages of buying ready software over having it especiallywritten?
    • Available
    • Excellent documentation.
    • Well tested
    • Cheaper than having one written.
    • Popular and has a wide user base.
    • Available support from experienced trainers and users
  8. What is the disadvantage of buying ready software over having it especially written?
    • Harder to modify
    • May not meet specific requirements
    • Difficult to learn
  9. What is an integrated package?
    It is a package consisting of a collection of programs that can share the same data.
  10. Name programs that are likely to be included in an integrated package
    Word processor program, Database program, Spreadsheet programGraphics program, Communications program
  11. What are the advantages of integrated software?
    • Requires less storage space than having several specialized packages
    • Cheaper than buying several packages
    • Programs can easily share data
    • User friendly as the commands are common in all the programs
  12. What are the disadvantages of integrated software?
    • Programs are less powerful than the specialized ones
    • If any program gets corrupted then all might be corrupted
  13. What is a word processing program?
    A program that allows the user to create a text document representing a sequence of text characters and formatting codes, edit it, save it, and print it
  14. Main features of a word processing program(10):
    • cut,copy,paste
    • spell check
    • format text and pictures
    • different fonts, text sizes..
    • find and replace
    • import graphics
    • headers and footers
    • can be used as web design programs for basic web page creation
    • table of contents, numbered captions...
    • exporting as a text or webpage file or as a mail or email merge
  15. What is meant by the computer term mail merging?
    Mail merge is the ability to personalize letters with names and addresses from a database.
  16. What is meant by the computer term macro?
    A macro is a single instruction that replaces a set of instructions and can bedone by pressing a key or clicking on an icon. Macros automates actionsrepetitive sequences of keystrokes and mouse movements
  17. What are the benefits of using a template?
    Using a template avoids repeating work every time a document is created.
  18. What is DTP?
    A program that produces documents of a quality good enough for publications
  19. What are the main features of a DTP?
    • facilitates the control of the page layout, i.e. to arrange text and graphics together in an attractive way and to divide pages into columns
    • allows the user to layout pictures and text in frames
    • users can import images from libraries of clip-art and other programs
    • allows exporting
  20. Which feature makes DTP a frame based?
    It allows the user to lay out pictures and texts in frames as this is the major advantage of desktop publishing.
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