Ch 5

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  1. factors affecting temperature
    what aspects of topography affect temperature
    • -slope aspecy
    • -degree of slope (tilt angle)
    • -cold-air drainage
  2. factors of temperature
    topography slope aspect
    a flat surface will generate a higher temperature
  3. factors of temperature
    degree of slope
    the more a slope tilts the more temperature it will generate
  4. factors of temperature
    cold air drainage
    • when you stick your hand out the window
    • -cold air collects in low areas
  5. microclimate
    ground color
    darker colors absorb more visinle light
  6. microclimate
    shading also reduces temperature and temperature fluctuations (shrubs in desert)
  7. microclimate
    water depth
    deeper water has less temperature variation
  8. microclimate
    water flow
    mixing causes temperature to be more constant
  9. temperature distribution in organisms
    temperature is a critical variable affecting what
    the distribution of organisms (the cactus in desert)
  10. temperature distribution in organmisms
    in organisms that have a large distribution, variations in temperature can what
    result in the development of locally adapted populations called ecosystems
  11. temperature effects on photosyntesis
    extreme rates usually what
    reduce the rate of phptosynthesis
  12. temperature effects on photosynthesis
    different plants have different what
    optimal temperatures
  13. temperature effects on photosynthesis
    what is acclimation
    • physiological changes in response to temperature
    • -a plant may shift its optimal temperature for photosynthesis to match seasonal changes in environment
  14. temperature effects on microbial activity
    like plants micrpbes (bacteria and fungi) do what in reference to optimal temperature
    they have an optimal temperature for growth and activity and some are able to accumulate to variations in temperature
  15. temperature effects on animals
    are animals able to acclimate
    limited ability
  16. temperature effects in animals
    what is the effect of temperature affected by in animals
    • if they are
    • -ectothermic- relies mainly on external energy sojrces to regulate body temperature
    • -endothermic-relies heavily on metabolic energy to regulate body temperature
  17. temperature effects on animals 
  18. temperature effects on animals
  19. energy balance
    formula for energy balance
    • some men cant do certain virtues religiously everyday
    • hs=hm+-hcd+-hcv+-hr-he
    • hs-total heat stored in an organism
    • hm- gained via metabolim
    • hcd-gained/lost via conductiom
    • hcv-gained/lost via convection
    • hr-gained/lost via electromagnetic radiation
    • he-lost via evaporation
  20. temperature regulation in plants
    some cant do certain virtues religiously everyday
  21. temeperature regulation in plants
    whats a benefit to having lighter leaves
    have higher reflection that dissipates heat by hr
  22. temperature regulation in plants
    vertically oriented plants have what advantage
    dissipate heat by hr
  23. temperature regulation by plants
    dissipating heat by he is effected when
    when there is sufficient water
  24. temperature regulation in plants
    open growth forms have more exposure to wind and more energy lost
  25. temperature regulation in plants
    what does cushion growth intercept, gain
    hr and hcd
  26. temperature regulation by ectothermic animals
    formula and what they can do for each
    • hs=hcd+-hcv+-hr-he
    • hcd-stilting, basking in the sun
    • hcv-stilting increases wind exposure
    • hr-basking, seeking shade, burrowing, variation in body color
    • he-evaporation not an important pathway of heat dissipation for ectoderms
  27. temperature regulation for endothermic animals
  28. temperate regulation by endothermic animals
    what is especially important for endothermic animals
    heat gained or lost frlm metabolism
  29. temperature regulation for endothermic animals
    what is the thermal neutral zone
    the range of environmental temperature over which the metabolic rate of homeothermic animals does not change.
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