Mid- Twentieth Century Theories

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  1. Psychosexual theory
    How parents contain sexual and aggression drives result in the development
  2. Sigmund Freud
    • Psychosexual theory
    • 1st to develop complete theory of childhood development
    • Every theorist based their work agreeing or disagreeing on Freud’s
    • Oedipus Complex
    • Parts of personality
  3. Oedipus Complex
    • Male kill father to be with mother (sexually desire and want to marry mother)
    • Move onto another stage when realize that like dad too and that when grow up will marry woman like mother
  4. Parts of personality
    • Id, Ego, Super Ego
    • • Id- want, immediately
    • • Ego¬- conscious, normal, only thing fully aware of, balance
    • • Super Ego- conscious, guilt
  5. Freud’s Stages
    • Oral
    • Anal
    • Phallic
    • Latency
    • Genital
  6. Oral Stages
    • everything put in mouth
    • Fixation- when to keep wanting to suck on things
  7. Anal Stage¬
    • potty training (order)
    • First time to go against id
    • Have to conform to social norm
    • If too strong OCD, Too lax messy
  8. Phallic Stage 3-5
    • Understand different sexes
    • Oedipus Complex
    • Develop moral sense (empathy and appropriate guilt)
  9. Latency Stage¬-
    • Sexual drive goes underground and instead you build social skills
    • Strengthening of superego
  10. Genital Stage
  11. Freud Controversy
    • One way pathway
    • Discontinuous
    • Nature but acknowledge nurture
  12. Erik Erikson
    • Psychosocial
    • Trained in Freudian tradition from Freud’s daughter
    • 1st theorist that said development takes place over lifespan
    • Focused on social instead of sex
  13. Basic Trust vs. Mistrust
    • Need to be with child bonding when using bottle to gain trust
    • If don’t answer kid when crying then don’t trust
    • If too many care givers trust too many people
  14. Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt (2 yrs)
    • Potty training
    • Shame- let 18 month old put their on shirt on wrong
    • Autonomy- just do it for them
    • Most people are in middle, help them, but let them do it yourself
  15. Erikson Controversy
    • Nurture
    • One pathway
    • Discontinuous
  16. Piaget
    • Cognitive development (mind)
    • Based observations on their own kids
    • Only one which thought we were active learners/explorers
    • Four Stages
  17. Sensori-motor (0-2)
    • Senses and motor development
    • Happiest at state of equilibrium
    • • However we don’t learn in this so we have to go through periods of disequilibrium
    • o Less disequilibrium when grow up
    • o Go through adaptation when in this part
  18. Piaget Controversy
    • Nature
    • One pathway
    • Discontinuous

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Mid- Twentieth Century Theories
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Mid Twentieth Century Theories

Mid- Twentieth Century Theories
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