Level G Vocab: Unit 4 Antonyms and Synonyms

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  1. atrophy
    Syn: (n.) degeneration, deterioration; (v.) wither
  2. atrophy
    Ant: (n.) growth, development; (v.) mature, develop
  3. bastion
    Syn: citadel, rampart, bulwark, parapet
  4. concord
    Ant: disagreement, strife, discord
  5. consummate
    Syn: (adj.) masterful; (v.) clinch, conclude
  6. consummate
    Ant: (v.) launch, initiate, begin, kick off
  7. disarray
    Syn: (n.) disorganization; (v.) dishevel, mess up
  8. disarray
    Ant: (n.) organization, order, tidiness
  9. exigency
    Syn: requirement, crisis
  10. flotsam
    Syn: floating wreckage
  11. frenetic
    Syn: frantic, overwrought
  12. frenetic
    Ant: calm, controlled, relaxed, leisurely
  13. glean
    Syn: collect, cull, pick up
  14. grouse
    Syn: (v.) gripe, kvetch, bellyache
  15. incarcerate
    Syn: intern, immure
  16. incarcerate
    Ant: liberate, release, free
  17. incumbent
    Syn:(adj.) mandatory, necessary
  18. incumbent
    Ant: (adj.) optional, unnecessary
  19. jocular
    Syn: waggish, facetious, droll, witty
  20. jobcular
    Ant: humorless, solemn, grave, earnest, grim
  21. ludicrous
    Syn: risible, preposterous
  22. ludicrous
    Ant: heartrending, poignant, pathetic
  23. mordant
    Syn: acrimonious, acidulous, sardonic, scathing
  24. mordant
    Ant: bland, mild, gentle, soothing
  25. nettle
    Syn: (v.) peeve, annoy, incense, gall, irk
  26. nettle
    Ant: (v.) please, delight, soothe, pacify
  27. pecuniary
    Syn: monetary, financial
  28. pusillanimous
    Syn: craven, lily-livered
  29. pusillanimous
    Ant: stouthearted, courageous, daring
  30. recumbent
    Syn: prone, prostrate, supine, inactive
  31. recumbent
    Ant: erect, upright, energetic, dynamic
  32. stratagem
    Syn: ruse, trick, ploy, subterfuge
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