Chemistry A2 Unit 2 Module 3

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  1. Define  transition metal
    A d-block element that forms an ion with an incomplete d sub-shell.
  2. Give 2 examples of d-block elements which are not transition metals. Why?
    • Zn^2+ and Sc^3+.¬†
    • Sc only forms Sc^3+ where all d-orbitals are completely full
  3. Which 2 d-block elements fill their electron orbitals weirdly?
    Chromium and Copper.
  4. Define Complex ion.
    A transition metal ion bonded to one or more ligands by coordinate bonds (dative covalent bonds)
  5. Define a ligand
    A molecule or ion that can donate a pair of electrons with the transition metal ion to form a coordinate bond.
  6. Define Coordination number.
    The total number of coordinate bonds formed between a central metal ion and its ligands.
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