Organization Behaviour: Chapter 1

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  1. Organizational Behaviour
    Investigates the impact that Individuals, Groups, Organizational structure have on behaviour within organizations
  2. Organization
    Coordinated social unit, composed of a group of people that functions on a relatively continuous basis to achieve a common goal or set of goals
  3. Systematic Study
    • Examines behaviour to draw conclusions based on scientific evidence about causes and effects
    • in relationships
  4. Contingency Approach
    Considers behaviour in the context in which it occurs.
  5. Ethics
    The study of moral values or principles that guide behaviour and inform us whether our actions are right or wrong.
  6. Empowerment
    Putting or giving employees in charge of what they do
  7. Workforce Diversity
    Heterogeneity - Gender, age, race, disability, age, sexual preference, ethnicity
  8. Total Quality Management
    Achieving customer satisfaction through improvements
  9. Re-engineering
    Reconsiders how the work would be done and organization structured if they were being created from scratch
  10. Job satisfaction
    The general attitude toward one's job
  11. Evidenced Based Management
    Basing managerial decisions on the best available scientific evidence
  12. Organizational commitment
    Identification and involvement with the company
  13. Organizational citizenship behaviour
    Not part of an employee's formal job requirements but promotes effective functioning of the organization
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