Ch 11 Review

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  1. 4 ways to open Task Mngr (Mgr)
    • Cntrl+Alt+Del
    • Cntrl+Shft+Esc
    • Rt. click blank area (Taskbar), select Task Mgr
    • Start⇾taskmgr.exe⇾enter
  2. If progrm unresponsive, how to stop it?
    Tsk mgr ⇾ Select program ⇾ End Task
  3. To view list of users logged on...
    Tsk mgr ⇾ Users tab
  4. Program filename & ext for System Configuration?
  5. Win Vista tool used to temp disable startup progrm not avail in Win 7 or XP?
    Software Explorer
  6. To see history of problems since Win install, you use this Win7 tool....
    Windows Reliability Monitor
  7. Non-essential service slowing ↓ startup & you want to permanently disable it?
    uninstall a program, remove from startup folder, use Services console to disable service
  8. Path to Ntuser.dat file in Win7?
    C:\Users\username\Ntuser\.dat file
  9. What key loads systm in Safe Mode @ startup?
  10. How's Ntuser.dat used?
    Holds current logged-on user's preferences & settings
  11. 3 indicators Tsk Mng uses to find which program has a memory leak?
    • Memory Private Working Set
    • Handles & Threads
  12. This registry key contains Device Mngr (which contains info about hardware)
    HKLM\Hardware key
  13. Disabling Win indexer to improve perfromance will have what effect on Win search?
    It will still work, just not as fast
  14. This Win 7/ Vista tool gives quick report:overall performance of systm as a single expressed#/
    Windows Experience Index
  15. Which 3 Win7 tools are contained also in Vista Reliability & Performance Monitor?
    Resource, Reliability, & Performance Monitors
  16. Startup type of service that shouldn't load @ startup, but l8r afterwards?
  17. Tool used to set services startup type?
    Services  console (services.msc) Rt. click service →Properties →Select service type → click Ok
  18. Which log in Event Viewer if you suspect problm w/hardware?
    System Log
  19. 3 snap-ins found in Computer Mangmt console used to manage hardware & track their problems?
    Device Mngr, Event Viewer, & Win7 Performance Monitor
  20. Log used to find attempted logins to a computer are found here...
    Go to Event viewer → Security Log
  21. File ext for a console managed by Microsoft Mngmt Console?
  22. Program filename & file ext. for Microsoft Mngmt Console?
  23. After system loaded in Safe Mode, performance improves, which means......
    A reduction of startup programs (to just the essentials) must be done because there are too many!
  24. Purpose of Wow6432Node subkey in Win registry?
    • Subkey used in 64-bit OS
    • anytime 32-bit programs are installed in a 64-bit system
  25. Safe mode?
    Mode listed in boot options menu, allows user set benchmark time to start Windows (only bare min programs launched)
  26. When using MSconfig to stop startup services Inculding: MicroSft service, which service looses restore points if stopped?
    Volume Shadow Copy service
  27. List and describe ea tab in Tsk Mngr
    • Apps-shows status active apps run/not respondng
    • Processes- lists systm servics & other procsses assoc. w/apps, w/how much CPU time & memory  process uses, shows processes (all users)
    • Services- lists servcs currently installed w/status of ea
    • Performance- contains graphs look @ how systm resources are used
    •        CPU Usage graph-indicates % of time CPU currently being used
    •        CPU Usage History graph- shows CPU Usage graph results, but over time
    •        Memory graph- shows amount of memory currently used
    •        Physical Memory Usage History graph- how much memory recently been used
    • Networking- monitor netwrk activty& bandwidth used
    • Users- Shows all users currently logged on, & you can log them off (once verifying no apps are running in that user's acct)
  28. If performance doesn't improve when Windows is loaded in Safe Mode, what can you conclude?
    problem is w/hardware /Win settings
  29. Win indexer is.....?
    responsble for maintaining index of files & folders on hard drive to speed up Win searches; low priority, only works when senses hard drive not being accssed by servc w/higher priority
  30. Win installed software by default go into these 2 folders.
    • C:\Program Files
    • C:\Program Files (x86)
  31. Necessry progrm using too much systm resources & bogging ↓other apps, ? can fix the problem.
    Use MSconfig to disable service & if it works, replace servc file/progrm w/fresh copy from Win setup DVD.
  32. ? 1st before deleting progrm folder containing software running in the background?
    use Task Mngr → End all procss related to software & use Services console to stop servcs related to software
  33. Name of window used to uninstall software in Win7 /Vista?
    Programs & Features
  34. Folder that Task Scheduler keeps scheduled tasks?
    C:\Windows\System32\Tasks folder
  35. List & describe 3 main types of events logged by Event Viewer
    • Error- most important, indicates somethng went wrong w/system   EX: scheduled maint. backup failed
    • Warning- indicates failure might occur in future
    • Information- setup log-contains events recorded when apps installed
      • security log- contain un/successful & logs
      • application log-  events recorded by an app
      • forwarded events log- events recorded on other computrs & sent to this computr
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