Constitution Test

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  1. What are the purposes for  the establishment of the constitution?
    To form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, and secure the blessings of liberty
  2. what branch of the government does article 1 deal with?
  3. what does "bicameralism" mean?
    two houses of legislative branch
  4. how long is the term of a member of the House of Representatives?
    2 years
  5. what are the three qualifications for becoming a member of the House of Reps?
    • 1. 25 years
    • 2. 7 years citizen of us
    • 3. have to an inhabitant of the state of representation
  6. What two things are determined by a states population?
    representatives and direct taxes
  7. who elected senators under the original constitution?
    state legislature
  8. what are the qualifications for being a Senator?
    • 1. 30 years old
    • 2. 9 years a citizen
    • 3. inhabitant of state
  9. who is the president of the senate and what is his role?
    the vice president. the tie breaker
  10. what role does the senate play in the impeachment process?
  11. what percentage is needed in order to convict a a federal official in an impeachment case?
  12. where must all tax bills begin?
    house of reps
  13. what are the "enumerated" powers of congress?
    • to lay and collect taxes
    • to provide for the common defense and welfare of the US
    • to borrow money
    • regulate commerce with nations
    • coin money
    • declare war, raise an army
    • create inferior courts
  14. what is "habeus corpus"
    the right to not be in jail without knowing why
  15. what is "ex-post facto"?
    a law that is created after the fact
  16. what branch of government does article two deal with?
  17. 3 qualifications to be president?
    • 1. 35 years old
    • 2. natural born citizen
    • 3. 14 years resident
  18. who aproves treaties drawn up by the president?
    senate with 2/3 vote
  19. what branch of government does article 3 deal with?
  20. what general subject does article 4 deal with?
    cooperation between states
  21. what general process does article 5 deal with?
    ammendment process
  22. how is the constitution amended
    • 1. proposal-2/3 of house and 2/3 of senate
    • 2.ratification-3/4 of states
  23. article 7
    deals with the ratification of the constitution
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