parasitology practical

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  1. what order is diphyllobothrium latum
  2. diphyllobothrium latum morphology
    bothria, genital pore middle top of proglotted, no suckers or rostellum.
  3. Hymenolepis diminuta morphology
    4 suckers unarmed rostellum, 3 testes 1 ovary, gravid full of eggs, relatively large, short but wide proglotted with genital pore out side.
  4. Hymenolepis nana morphology
    4 suckers, armed rostellum, very small, large eggs in gravid, short but wide proglotted, genital pore out side, 2 testes 1 ovary
  5. Dipylidium caninum morphology
    4 suckers, armed rostellum, 2 genital pores attached to ovarys, multiple testes, gravid forms egg mass. long proglotted
  6. Taenia solium morphology
    4 suckers, heavily armed rostemmul,small testes (dots), 13 branched uterus, ovary at bottom, gential pore out side.
  7. Taenia saginata morphology
    4 suckers, unarmed rostellum, testes (dots), 15 or more uterus branches, ovary at bottom, genital pore out side.
  8. Echinococcus granulosus morphology
    4 suckers, armed rostellum, very small, organs not visible
  9. tapeworms class and subclass
    cestoda, eucestoda
  10. microthurices
    villa like fingers for gripping
  11. bothria
    muscular grooves
  12. apolysis
    eggs "explode' out of proglotted
  13. anapolysis
    lays eggs
  14. Diphyllobothrium latum nidus
    broad fish tapeworm, global but found in northern lakes, low host specifisity, goes after fish eaters. 3 stage life cycle
  15. sparganosis
    a juvinille infection (wander through body)
  16. procercoid
    ingest with water
  17. Hymenolepis diminuta nidus
    adult in rat, juvinille in insect, global distr, 2 stage life cycle, cysticercoid, goes after children.
  18. cysticercoid
    Hymenolepis diminuta and nana
  19. Hymenolepis nana nidus
    3 possible life cycles, global dist, rodent feces near food, if auto-infection you can get diarrhea, goes after youth.
  20. Dipylidium caninum nidus
    primary host is dog, intermediate is flea, juvinile flea eats poop and is infected dog eats adult flea.
  21. Taeinia solium nidus
    Pork tapeworm, human as definitive host, pork intermediate.
  22. Taenia saginata nidus
    beef tapeworm, human as definitive host, cow as intermediate.
  23. Echinococcus granulosus nidus
    definitive host is dog, intermediate is sheep/humans.
  24. secum
    primitive gut
  25. operculum
    in egg, top hatch for mercidium to come out of
  26. sporocyst
    after egg in snail
  27. glynecophoral canal
    schistomes, groove in male for female to fit in
  28. bothrium
    slit like sucking groove
  29. rostellum
    small mouth like structure that can be armed
  30. strobila
    all of the proglattid
  31. neck
    center part of tapeworm body, between scolex and strobila
  32. gravid
    proglottid filled with eggs
  33. coracidium
    Diphyllobothrium latum
  34. oncosphere
    present in cyclophyllidea, embryo that has 6 hooks. H. nana, H. diminuta, D. caninum
  35. cysticercoid
    H. nana
  36. cystcercus
    T. solium or pork tapeworm
  37. fasciola hepatica
    sheep liver fluke
  38. fasciolosis buski
    small intestine
  39. clonorchis sinensi
    chinese liver fluke, miracidium sporocyst redia in snail
  40. paragonimus westermani
    oriental lung fluke, eating crab
  41. schistosome mansoni
    large intestine
  42. schistosome japonicum
    small intestine
  43. schistosome haematobium
    urinary bladder
  44. what class and phylum are shistosomes, C. sinensis, P. westermani, F. buski, F. hepatica
    • class- trematoda
    • phylum- platyhelminthes
  45. what class and order are D. latum, H. nana, H. diminuta, D. caninum, T. saginata, T. solium, E. granulosus
    • class- cestoda
    • phylum- platyhelminthes
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