SS Mesopotamia Unit 1

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  1. Prehistory
    a time before writing was invented

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  2. History
    written and other recorded events of people

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  3. Archaeologist
    • a scientist who examines objects
    • to learn about the human past

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  4. Oral Traditions
    • stories passed down by word of
    • mouth
  5. Geography
    • the study of the Earth’s surfaces
    • and the processes that shape it

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  6. Stone Age
    • a period of time during which
    • early humans made lasting tools

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  7. Nomad
    a person who has no settled home

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  8. Fertile
    • rich in the substances plants need
    • to grow well

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  9. Domesticate
    • to adapt wild plants and to tame and breed
    • wild animals for human use

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  10. Irrigation
    • supplying land with water through a
    • network of canals
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  11. Surplus
    more than is needed

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  12. Artisan
    • a worker who is especially skilled
    • at crafting items by hand
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  13. Image UploadCivilization
    • a society with cities, a central
    • government, job specialization, and social classes
  14. Social class
    • a group of people with similar
    • backgrounds, incomes, and ways of livingImage Upload
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