Economics Chp.8

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  1. Start up
    New business, not a business expansion
  2. Sole Proprietorship 
    (Types of Business Structure)
    One owner of a business
  3. Partnership 
    (Types of Business Structure)
    • Two or more owners of business 
    • -doesn't have to be equal share parties
  4. Limited Partnership 
    (Types of Business Structure)
    Many owners, but one or two partners actually manage the business
  5. Corporation 
    (Types of Business Structure)
    • Many owners that gain ownership through the purchase of stock 
    • (shares of the company)
  6. Corporate Charter 
    (Types of Business Structure)
    License from the state of incorporation to legally conduct business
  7. Common Stock
    1) Right to profit (dividend) and 2) Voice in corporate meetings
  8. Preferred Stock
    1) No voting rights but 2) guaranteed a dividend (profit)
  9. Dividend Stock
    Amount of profit that a corporation gives to stock holders based on per basis (capital gain)
  10. Joint Venture Stock
    Short term business agreement between companies to market and sell a specific product or service
  11. Franchise Stock
    • One company sells rights to use its name and sell its products to another company 
    • Ex: McDonald's, Wendy's, Holiday Inn, Subway etc.
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