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  1. What are the 4 sides of the fire tetrahedron?
    • fuel
    • O2
    • heat
    • chemical chain reaction
  2. How is heat measured?
    • BTUs
    • Joules
    • (not calories)
  3. decomposition of solids is called?
    endo or exothermic?
    • pyrolysis
    • endothermic
  4. T/F An ignitable liquid must be atomized to burn?
  5. Amount of heat absorbed as the temp of a substance increases
    specific heat
  6. thermal energy absorbed as a substance is converted from a solid to liquid or liquid to gas (change of state)
    latent heat
  7. specific gravity and vapor density can be used interchangeably
  8. vapor/specific gravity of >1 will sink or rise?
  9. 4 types of energy
    • mechanical
    • chemical
    • electical
    • nuclear
  10. quantity of heat generated by electrins depends of what variables?
    • amount of electricity
    • density of conductor
    • resistance
  11. Causes of static electricity include:
    • contact and separation between DISSIMILAR solids
    • flowing powders
    • flowing liquids or gases
  12. grinding wheel sending sparks out is example of what type of energy?
    friction (mechanical)
  13. FF PPE offers what type of radiation protection?
  14. what are the 4 stages of fire?
    • ignition
    • growth
    • full development
    • decay
  15. 4 factors that will affect a fire's ability to grow?
    • O2
    • Fuel
    • size of space involved
    • insulation of ceiling and walls

    (not ambient temp outside fire area)
  16. Occurs when a fire has changed from being fuel controlled to ventilation controlled
  17. 2 types of explosions
    • deflagration (<speed of sound)
    • detonation (>speed of sound)
  18. warning signs of flashover
    • rollover
    • rapid buildup of heat in a room
    • offgas
    • flames from doors and windows
  19. signs of backdraft
    • puffing smoke
    • smoke churning in window glass
    • glass being pulled in
    • lack of visible flame
    • air rushing into opening
  20. Load that passes through the center of a supporting member
    axial load
  21. load imposed on a point other than the center section of a supporting member
    eccentric load
  22. load that is delivered at a right angle to member
    torsional load
  23. load that includes people and trasnportable items
    live load
  24. load of building itself and nonmoving objects
    dead load
  25. load based on weather-related impacts that vary based on geographical region
  26. fire loads include what?
    combustibles inside the building but do not include building itself
  27. precast panels that may be attached to the steel frame fo the structure by fasteners (non-loadbearing)
    curtain wall
  28. what is the NFPA standard for building types?
  29. type 1 (fire resistive) construction uses what materials to insulate structural members?
    • cement plaster
    • clay tile
    • asbestos
    • gypsum board
    • spray on materials
  30. type 2 (noncumbustible) construction ises what kind of materials?
    • structural steel
    • concrete
    • cold-formed steel
  31. what kind of construction is also known as "limited combustible"?
  32. wall panels are usually what height?
    total height of bldg
  33. tilt wall slabs are attached to what?
    steel skeleton frame at roof level and foundation
  34. what makes noncubustibles some of the most dangerous buildings?
    • tilt slabs
    • lightweight structural systems
    • steel bar joist roof systems
  35. exterior msonry load-bearing walls and wood floors and roof
    type 3 (ordinary)
  36. T/F- type 3 may include some type of roof truss?
  37. what are the 4 classifications of wood construction?
    • post and beam or braced frame
    • balloon frame
    • platform frame
    • lightwight wood frame
  38. how much mass may be removed to create the tenon portion of post and beam?
  39. mortise and tenon is susceptible to what type of collapse?
    inward or outward
  40. type of construction where exterior studs run vertically from basement to attic?
    balloon frame
  41. how many stories can a taxpayer have?
  42. what are the 2 types of raw water sources?
    • ground water
    • surface water
  43. what are the colors of hydrant caps for:
    <500 gpm
    500-1000 gpm
    1000-1500 gpm
    • red
    • orange
    • green
    • light blue
  44. what does a triple combination fire engine entail?
    • pump
    • hose
    • tank
  45. what are the 2 types of couplings?
    • threaded
    • storz
  46. device where water enters through a single female inlet and out 2 male outlets
  47. working pressure should not exceed__% of the test pressure
  48. hose testing consists of what 2 parts?
    • visual inspection
    • pressure testing (5 mins)
  49. hose loaded in S-shape with nozzle on top
    triple fold
  50. horshoe load benefits:
    • promotes good air flow
    • minimizes bends
  51. hose lay where 2 engines are used to complete 1 supply line
    split lay
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