Health Care Essentials 5

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  1. Why do some have inadequate access to health insurance?
    • Financial restrictions
    • Non financial barriers
  2. Financial restrictions
    • dont have insurance
    • underinsured
  3. Why has private health insurance coverage decreased over the past decades?
    • cost of insurance has sky rocketed and employers cant afford
    • our workforce has changed
  4. Consolidation Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA)
    can continue coverage with post employment for 18 months if pay full premium
  5. Who benefits from the link between employment and insurance?
    • insurance company- employers forced to buy insurance whether their employees use it or not
    • Employee- get insurance w/o paying full price
    • Gov- less people to pay for on gov insurance, keep you working bc get benefits from job
  6. Who is mostly uninsured?
    • Hispanics or income <$25,000/yr
    • bc low income have smaller jobs that dont have good insurance or work under the table
  7. Why is access not guarenteed to those with Medicaid?
    • HCPs receive less for care than those with private insurance
    • many have stopped accepting medicaid
  8. Why is there a lack of prompt access?
    • shortage of PCPs
    • fewer accepting Medicaid
    • increase in wait time bc of universal insurance
  9. Why is race a barrier to health care?
    • cultural differences (beliefs and religion)
    • Ineffective communication (language)
    • Racism
    • minorities recieve less care even if pay the same amount
    • neighborhoods with high minoritys have fewer physicians
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