as level physics unit 1 particle physics part c

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  1. hadrons are particles that
    feel the strong nuclear force
  2. there are three basic types of particle
    • bosons 
    • leptons
    • hadrons
  3. hadrons are subdivided into two additional groups depending on their quark structure
    • baryons
    • mesons
  4. protons and neutrons are both
  5. the proton is the only stable
  6. all baryons except the proton are
    unstable . this means that they decay to become other particles . the particles a baryon ends up as depends on what it started as , but it always includes a proton . Protons are the only stable baryons - they dont decay as far as we known
  7. all baryons except protons decay to a
  8. the antiparticles of protons and neutrons are
    antibaryons . But if you remember from the previous page , antiparticles are annihilated when they meet the corresponding particle - which means you dont find antibaryons in ordinary matter
  9. the baryon number is the number of
  10. the proton and neutron have a baryon number
    B = +1
  11. antibaryons have a baryon number
    B = -1
  12. other particles that arent baryons are given a baryon number
    B = 0
  13. when an interaction occurs , the baryon number on either side of the equation is
    • the same . you can use this to predict whether an interaction will happen - if the numbers dont match it cant happen 
    • the total baryon number in any particle interaction never changes
  14. do leptons experience the strong nuclear force
    no only particles that contain quarks experience the strong nuclear force
  15. the weak force applies to
    hadrons and leptons
  16. all charged particles experience the
    electromagnetic force
  17. gravitation affects any particle with
    mass but is negligible compared to the other forces
  18. hadrons and leptons are assigned numbers that must be ....... in particle interactions
  19. the mesons you need to know about are
    pions and kaons
  20. all mesons are
    unstable and have a baryon number of 0 as they arent baryons
  21. pions are the
    lightest mesons
  22. you get .... versions of pions with different electric charges ....
    • three
    • + , - , 0
  23. pions were discovered in
    cosmic rays
  24. kaon are ... and more .... than pions
    • heavier 
    • unstable
  25. you get different kaons
    K+ k-
  26. mesons interact with baryons via the
    the strong force
  27. leptons dont feel the
    strong nuclear force . they only interact with other particles via the weak interaction
  28. electrons are stable and very familiar but there are also two more leptons called the
    the muon and the tau that are just like heavy electrons . they each come with their own neutrino
  29. neutrino properties
    • almost zero mass
    • zero electric charge 
    • only take part in weak interactions
  30. learn table
    learn table
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