chemistry test 2 mp 1 10-5-13

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  1. how to perform metric conversions
    • 1) write exponent for prefix given
    • 2)subtract the exponent
    • 3) move decimal point over in direction & distance of the difference
  2. what is a significant figure
    includes all known digits and one that is estimated
  3. are digits 1-9 always sig figs
  4. are 0s to the left of (non zero digit) significant
  5. are 0s in the middle of non zero digits always sig fig
    yes always
  6. are zeros to the right of (1-9) sig figs
    Sometimes ( only if there's a decimal point)
  7. How do you add / subtract with sig figs
    • 1) line up decimal point
    • 2)add or subtract
    • 3)sum or difference must have the same number of digits after the decimal point as the measurement with the fewest digits after the decimal point

    (ex- 39.48-36.096= 36.096=36.10)
  8. how do you multiply and divide with sig figs
    • 1) multiply or divide
    • 2) product or quotient must have the same # of sig figs as the measurement with the fewest # of sig figs
  9. accuracy
    how close a measured value is to an accepted value
  10. precision
    how close a series of measurements are to each other.
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